The Amazing Benefits Of Pool Heating And How You Can Extend Your Swimming Season

You’ve finally installed a pool in your home and materialised your vision of having a stunning backyard. After the all the time and decision-making it took, wouldn’t it be even better if you could enjoy your pool all year round. Taking a dip in the cool water during a hot summer day sounds fantastic. But what about the winters? No one wants to dive into chilly waters when the weather is cold itself. On the other hand, taking a dip in warm waters during the cold is as soothing and invigorating as it sounds.

If you want to enjoy being able to swim whenever you want, no matter the outside temperature, you might want to invest in a pool heating system. If you have a pool at home, it is only fair to make the most of it and use it to the fullest possible extent. Having a pool that heats up during winters will let you do exactly that. Most pools remain untouched for at least a few months of the year due to seasonal changes, but a pool heating system completely changes the game.

It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you can enjoy warm dips whenever you want and you’re putting your pool to full use. When choosing the type of pool heating system your want to get installed, it is important to consider factors like your area of residence, budget and local weather. Depending on these factors, pool owners can choose any of the three pool heating systems.

Types of Pool Heating Systems


Electricity is a staple in our daily lives. It is available in all homes and electric pool heating pumps are therefore the most popular choice among pool owners. Their availability and ease of use are what make electric heat pumps a favourite.

The pumps are extremely robust and usually last for decades before requiring a new replacement.

In electric pumps, water is passed through a heating tank, where its temperature is brought up to the set limit and then pumped back into the pool. These pumps come in handy for areas with less sunlight. However, it must also be remembered that they operate on electricity and areas with higher electricity charges can make the bills rack up substantially over time.


An eco-friendly alternative to other heating systems, solar powered pool heating is liked because of its ecological responsibility and long-term economy.

Apart from initial costs of installation, a solar heating system is an investment that pays back in the long run. It helps cut down on the annual electricity bills that would come with a regular electric pump.

Solar pool heaters are an ideal choice for areas that receive ample sunlight throughout the year. However, places with less intensity of sunlight might benefit from any of the two other options.


Many areas have existing gas connections and using gas-based pool heaters might be the wisest choice for them. Pool owners can also install propane or natural gas tanks in their homes if they opt for this option.

Gas heating is suited to all climates and offers warm water as soon as the owner wants it. Since gas heaters are much swifter in heating water, but not necessarily eco-friendly, they’re ideal for pool owners with a very fast lifestyle.

Choosing a pool heating system will depend on a number of personal factors. Deciding what particular benefits you’re looking for can help you make the decision.

Benefits of Pool Heating

Extend Your Swimming Season

Having a heating system in your pool means that you can enjoy swimming all year long. If you like spending time by the pool or if your children enjoy family bonding time in the pool, you’ll appreciate being able to use it during the winters too.

Heated pools are usable twelve months of the year and that is what makes them special. It keeps us from having to wait for the weather to get warmer or diving into chilly waters out of impatience. When you have pool heating in your home, your annual swimming season will almost be double that of a regular pool owners’ swimming season.

Enjoy Night Swims

Even during the summers, night temperatures may fall low enough to make pool water cold enough to be uncomfortable. Setting your pool heater to a lukewarm temperature will make the water just enough comfortable, that you’ll be able to swim without feeling too hot or too cold.

The temperature starts dwindling during the evening and decreases a through the night till the early morning. If your family enjoys early morning swims, having a warm pool might help them wake up with a comforting swim and not with a shock of cold water.

Receive Water Therapy

Warm water helps deal with stress and eases muscle tension. After a long day at work, a heated pool might be you need to rejuvenate your body and mind. Taking a long relaxing dip in lukewarm waters is extremely therapeutic and refreshing.

Even though diving into a cold pool wakes us up and increases blood flow, it is always good to have the option of warm water to swim in.

Use Your Investment to the Fullest

When we don’t have a heating system in our pool, we’re keeping the pool out of bounds for around half a year. If you’ve spent money on installing a pool, you might as well make sure it is usable even when the weather’s frosty.

Investing in a pool does not come for cheap and letting it stay untouched for months on end is the opposite of cashing in on your investment. If a pool heater allows you to enjoy the pool at your behest, there should be no doubt about getting one installed in your pool.

Low Upkeep

A wonderful feature of pool heating systems is that they require no special maintenance. They’re also able to last for years with minimal checks and servicing. Once you’ve installed a pool heater, you can forget having to worry about the maintenance of one more addition to your pool systems.

Your hired pool technician should be able to check whether the pool heater is working correctly and that will be all about the heating system’s maintenance.

Pools require their fair bit of upkeep and their heaters will be fine as long as the pool remains healthy.

Keep Up With Your Fitness Goals

It is more than often that we use winters as an excuse to skip workouts. Once you have pool heaters in your home, not only would you not want to skip, you’ll feel obliged to go ahead an swim in the warm water.

This is especially important for people who use swimming as their primary form of physical exercise. Since winters largely affect our swimming routines, pool heating systems can help deal with this problem as well.

There are hardly any cons of pool heating and the pros outweigh those non-existent cons by a landslide. You’ll notice the difference when you would not have to think twice about going for a dip on a cold night. Once you install a pool, it is only a matter of months before you would have to think about the kind of heating system you want it equipped with.