The Benefits Of Heating Your Swimming Pool

Pool Heating For Your Swimming Pool

Think swimming pools are just for summer time? Think again. Perth’s mild winter days make it the perfect place to swim all year-round, and through the power of heating Factory Pools Perth can help you increase the use of your pool from a just few months to 365 days of the year. Adding a little heating to your fibreglass pool installation is easy, and with solar or electric options, it is also cost and energy-efficient.

Not only does the addition of a little heating allow you to get more use of out your most valued backyard addition, it’s also a great way to maintain your fitness twelve months of the year. Whether you’re looking to have a sneaky midnight swim during those colder months, or host a fabulous winter dinner party, choosing to get your pool heated this winter will ensure your outdoor fun can continue year round.

We have a variety of different heating options to choose from, so which heating option is best for you? Solar or electric?

Solar is relativity easy to install and the running cost is reasonably low thanks to the fact that the heating comes from the sun. By adding a second pump to your setup, your pool water will be pumped through a series of pipes, which are usually installed on your roof, and the heat from the sun’s rays will warm the water on its journey. This option generally extends your swimming time to about ten weeks either side of the summer season. The system has a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years and requires little maintenance aside from checking the pool’s filtering system and chemical balance regularly. However, this method is obviously weather and shade affected, and it can only be heated during daylight hours. If you already have a planned or existing Solar PV installation, the extra piping will need to compete for space on top of your home, as both will want to be in prime location on the northern and western sides of your roof.

So what about electric? Electric heat pumps are proving to be one of the most popular choices for modern fiberglass pools in Perth. Using environmentally friendly to transfer latent heat from the atmosphere, they basically work on the same principle as reverse cycle air-conditioning system. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, they require minimal space and will leave your roof free, should you have or ever wish to install solar PV. Unlike solar, you will be able to heat your pool perfectly 365 days a year without dependence on the weather.

So if you’re thinking about getting heating installed in your pool, as an authority and leader in the industry, Factory Pools Perth can have you feeling the heat in no time. Contact our team today to get your pool winter ready.