The Different Types Of Fibreglass Pool Colours

Welcome to the funnest part of installing your pool! Our premium fibreglass pool can be one of 9 beautiful colours and each of them brings an exciting, vibrant look to your pool!

Installing a pool can sometimes be a big process, so you’d be forgiven if you’d forgotten that you actually have to choose a colour for your pool! But don’t worry: while the colour makes an important part of the pool itself, it’s also an extremely fun decision to make. When choosing your pool colour you should keep in mind certain elements (such as your home’s pre-existing aesthetic) but also remember that your pool colour can be an expression of your own creativity!

Should Your Pool Colour Match Your Home?

One of the first things you’ll hear is that your fibreglass pool’s colour should match the look and feel of your home. But how true is this and is it really important in the grand scheme of things?

The first thing you should realise is that your pool is exactly that: yours! If your dream pool means choosing a colour that completely clashes with your home, then by all means go for it. Your happiness and satisfaction with your pool is what matters the most. 

However, if you are looking for tips on how to get the colour that best blends with your home’s aesthetic, and contribute to an overall more stylish touch, then there are definitely steps you can take. The standard rule of thumb is that dark colours contribute to an overall more modern and sleek appearance. This works particularly well with contemporary homes looking to break from the suburban mould of their neighbours. Brighter coloured pools are perfect for the traditional family pool that inspires feelings of outdoor fun.

You certainly don’t have to pick a pool colour that matches your home, but it is advisable that you do. Doing so can lead to some stunning colour combinations and really bring out the best in your house’s design elements.

Consider Complimenting Your Pool Colour

As we mentioned before, certain pairings of your home’s elements with pool colours can produce amazing results. Some things to keep in mind to produce the best results are:

  1. If your pool colour choice is important to you, then ensure that you pick one that will be timeless. This is opposed to choosing a colour that relies on a trendy element to match it. Plenty of the colours from our range look fantastic on their own, and will continue to do so for many decades
  2. A big tip is to consider incorporating your poolside area into your pool colour choice. If you have neutral toned cement paving then a deep, dark colour (particularly blue or midnight) would go exceptionally well. Likewise, a BBQ, lawn and timber fencing would go well with a brighter, summery colour.
  3. Consider the placement of your pool in your home. Is it outside or indoors? Is it covered by shade or is the midday sun going to hit it every day? Brighter colours tend to be enhanced by direct sunlight, eliciting a vibrant look to them. Dark colours can make the most of shady spots and the late afternoon dusk.

What Makes Our Colours So Special?

Pool colours from Factory Pools Perth don’t just look good (and boy do they look good) but they last longer too! We achieve longevity in our pool colours by applying a cutting edge technology known as gelcoat and resin tech. This protects the surface of your pool from harmful UV rays, osmotic blistering and is resistant to saltwater if you intend on installing a saltwater chlorinator.

This special gel coating and resin tech even helps retain that glossy finish on your fibreglass pool, and is resistant to chlorine and acid. The best part about it though is that it comes fitted onto all of our pool colours; there’s no wrong choice!


Esperance Blue Sparkle

Esperance Blue Sparkle is a favourite for fibreglass pools as it paints the water a deep, rich blue that is reminiscent of the ocean. You will have seen this colour around; a moderate amount of white speckles are placed to enhance the colour..

Ocean Reef Blue Sparkle

Ocean Reef Blue Sparkle is a dark blue that is slightly lighter than Esperance. This is the quintessential dark blue without being too overwhelming dark. A large amount of white speckles are placed on the surface to give it a somewhat light palette.


Crystal Blue Sparkle

Crystal Blue Sparkle is the perfect all-rounder. It is the halfway point between dark blue and teal: pulling the best of both worlds without overly dipping into either. It elicits the impression of an island lagoon on a summer’s day. Iconic. Trusted. Simply beautiful.


Sky Blue Sparkle

The classic, beloved teal option. If you’re after a bright, vibrant blue colour for your fibreglass pool then this is it. This colour works particularly well with neutral toned paving’s around the pool. The speckles on the surface of this colour also include dark blue, as well as teal and white.


Polo White Sparkle

Polo White Sparkle is our brightest colour. Although the fibreglass surface is white, the combination of coloured speckles means this pool is actually a very bright, vibrant aqua colour. Akin to teal although a little paler. Polo White pairs fantastically well with natural coloured paving’s.


Mondo Grey Sparkle

Mondo Grey Sparkle is one of our more unique colour options. The surface of this pool colour is a very lightly shaded grey with lots of interlinking coloured speckles. Although grey may be in the name, this colour produces a more clear aqua look for your pool water.


Ivory Sand Sparkle

Another one of our unique wildcards. Although the surface of this colour is reminiscent of sand, it will actually turn your pool water into a pale green that is quite transparent. This colour is great for pools that focus on the outdoors, and pairs well with plants and sandstone paving’s.

Aqua Green Sparkle

Aqua Green Sparkle’s biggest draw is in the name: bringing together two of the most popular colours into the same palette. The result is a glossy hue that is more aqua than green.

Skynight Sparkle

Skynight Sparkle is the colour for those pool owners who want to stand out with a contemporary, sharp pool colour. Skynight will turn your pool water a very dark blue to the point that the surface of the water will almost look black. Pairs well with modern homes and tastes.

Get The Best Colour Recommendations From Factory Pools Perth Today

There are definitely a huge amount of pool colours out there that can significantly enhance the look of your fibreglass pool. But while that list might be varied, it’s important not to miss out on pool colours that provide longevity and quality; here at Factory Pools Perth we have Australia’s favourite fibreglass pool colours. We highly recommend you browse our esteemed colour range and while you’re at it: see our amazing fibreglass pools today! Our pool experts are more than happy to get in contact and recommend the pool colour best suited to your home!