The Health Benefits Of Owning A Mineral Pool

Mineral pools started out as one of the most popular trends for Australian just a few years ago. However, in recent years this type of pool has become more than a mere trend; in fact, mineral pools have rapidly generated the most sought after benefits of any pool on the market. Pool professionals, doctors, lifestyle gurus and even celebrities have all recommended mineral pools for wealth of benefits. In fact, mineral pools have been used since ancient times and are currently in use all across the world as popular tourist destinations! But sometimes the myth can overwhelm the fact; here are the clear-cut facts and benefits of mineral pools.


So, What Exactly Is A Mineral Pool?

For all intents and purposes, a mineral pool is simply any old standard swimming pool that uses a mineral water system and a mixture of minerals in it’s cleaning process instead of relying solely on chlorine. That’s it, for the most part – no special gadgets or magical stones that you can’t understand. This means that once you’ve had your mineral pool installed (or your existing pool converted to a mineral water system) then you can add the minerals yourself and even choose which ones help clean your pool. That cleaning part is important: mineral pools will still use chlorine in their cleaning process, just significantly less of it compared to standard pools. The mineral water system is typically reliable and long-lasting, however, should always be installed by a professional.

What Type Minerals Are Used?

Excellent question.  Mineral pools allow their owners the opportunity to pick and choose which minerals they use, for different benefits, or simply to use a mixture of all. The typical 4 minerals used are:

  1. Magnesium chloride 
  2. Sodium chloride
  3. Borates
  4. Potassium chloride

Why Choose A Mineral Pool?

As mentioned before, there are very good reasons as to why mineral pools started as a popular trend, and have now become a mainstay of the pool world. Their benefits can range from physical relaxation to any number of therapeutic solutions for stress. They also have a more direct, day-to-day benefit in that maintenance is cheaper than chlorine or saltwater. For your convenience, we’ve shortened the list to the most prominent benefits you can enjoy from a mineral pool:

Healthier Skin

The number one benefit of mineral pools that is instantly recognisable is the soft, silky feel on swimmer’s skin. This is because the minerals used in a mineral water system condition the water in your pool to be softer and heavier, without any of the chemicals that previously may have irritated your skin. The mineral water has benefits that range deeper than just feeling good, however. While swimming, your skin actively absorbs the minerals in the water and distributes the health benefits throughout your body. The magnesium absorbed can lead to an increase in bone density, meaning more bone strength. It can also help strengthen your hair follicles, preventing hair loss and leaving it with a noticeable sheen.

Softer On The Eyes And A Better Swim

Because the water in mineral pools is noticeably softer, these means it will prove less irritating to your eyes when you go for that deep dive. The water’s softness has also been medically proven to be therapeutic to, and provide relief for, skin conditions such as eczema. Generally, the softness provides for an overall more accommodating and comfortable swim in any mineral pool.

Therapeutic Stress Relief And Fixing Your Sleep Schedule

The therapeutic benefits of mineral pools are often quoted as one of it’s biggest draws: but exactly how can it help you? Well first of all, the silky softness and heaviness of the water soothe the skin and mind as you swim, melting away your stress. The minerals in the water will work to keep your energy levels at a healthy norm and this can help with lethargic feelings. Furthermore, it’s even been proven that mineral pools can help to boost your blood sugar levels. Lastly, a regular, relaxing dip into a mineral pool will help your sleep schedule, as the minerals in the water and it’s softness will greatly assist your blood circulation to your muscles, brain and heart.

…The minerals in the water will work to keep your energy levels at a healthy norm and this can help with lethargic feelings…

Eco Friendly

Installing a mineral water system or buying a mineral pool is also an incredibly eco-friendly choice you should consider. As we mentioned earlier, the chloride in your pool’s cleaning process will be significantly reduced meaning less discolouration and degradation for your clothes and pool appliances. A mineral pool is also easier on any poolside plants you may have, as compared to a saltwater pool. The minerals will also greatly aid in eradicating any calcium build-up, and dirt particles that stick to your floor, resulting in crystal clear clarity for your pool.

Ease Of Access

Another convenient aspect about mineral pools is that you can buy them with any pool installation or, if you already own a pool, can have it installed today. This means there’s no excuse for not enjoying the wide range of benefits that come with mineral pools. Speaking of benefits, however, did you know that on average mineral pools are cheaper in the long run? This is because the minerals themselves are cheaper than traditional chemicals used in the cleaning process, and contributes to an overall healthier pool.

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We hope that this list has separated the fact from the fiction for you and shown you the tremendous wealth of benefits that stem from owning a mineral pool: from soothing your skins and melting away your stress, to reducing your cleaning costs and a simply cleaner pool. Perhaps the best part about mineral pools, however, is how easily accessible they are! Get in contact with Factory Pools Perth and check out our mineral pool range today.