The Many Benefits Of Installing Your Fibreglass Pool In Winter

When it comes to swimming pool installations, winter is considered the off-season. This is due to the fact that most people get their fibreglass pools installed during the summer months when the heat is at its maximum.

While we don’t blame the ones who go with the trends and get their pools installed in the summers, we feel it’s our duty to tell you why it’s a great idea to install swimming pools in the winter months.

So, if you’re planning on investing in a swimming pool soon but don’t know when to do it, we hope this post comes in handy. Read on to know all the benefits of installing your very own fibreglass pool in winter.

Availability of pool builders and installers

Pool builders and installers are the ones who are responsible for turning the swimming pool of your dreams into a reality. However, if they aren’t available to cater to your requirements, your dreams will have to wait before they become real. That’s exactly the problem that happens during the summer months. As most people choose to have their pools installed in the summers, the availability of pool installers and builders is severely limited. Even if you manage to find one, you’re probably going to have to spend a fortune because of the high demand.

However, things become radically different during the months of winter. As demand dips, the availability of pool builders and installers increases, and you’ll find it more convenient to schedule your pool installation. 

Availability of other tradesmen

The successful installation of your pool doesn’t just involve the pool installers and builders – it also involves other tradesmen such as electricians, gardeners, and landscapers. These tradesmen too, are typically in high demand during the summer months. Simply put, if you’re looking to get hold of them during the summers, you might have to wait a long time and face several delays owing to their congested schedules.

That’s why it’s best to wait for the winter months when the demand for these tradesmen goes down. Ultimately, their availability will dictate the speed at which the pool is readied for use. Of course, if you’re just going with a simple pool setup without too many frills, you probably won’t be needing the services of these tradesmen too much. However, if you want additional features such as pool lights and a garden alongside the pool, you’ll have to rely on them.

Time to get the complete pool setting ready

Fibreglass pool installations, especially the elaborate ones featuring additional amenities, need time. Even though installing fibreglass pools is easier than installing concrete pools, you can’t expect it to happen overnight. So, if the installation process starts in the summer, all the installers and tradesmen involved have to work incredibly fast to get the job done. Most homeowners who get their pools installed during the summers put pressure on the installers and tradesmen so they can start using the pools as soon as possible. However, pool installations, when performed hastily, tend to lead to poor results.

To avoid hasty and potentially faulty installations, it’s ideal for them to happen during the winter. You probably won’t be using the pool in winter, which gives you an entire season to put your pool plan into place. From making minor adjustments to the blueprint to adding significant features – you’ll get more time to do more if you start early. The result? A pool that’s ready as early as next spring.

Faster approvals

Your pool installation needs to be approved by the local authorities. Pool installations that aren’t approved typically lead to them being halted by authorities, which is something you don’t want, right? In the summer months, the approval process is long drawn out because of hundreds and thousands of applications. Local certifiers have to visit and inspect every individual site, which means your installation can take days, weeks, or even months to be approved.

However, things are quite different during the months of winter. As the applications are limited, the approval process is a lot faster than it is in summer. So, the authorities will be quick to notify you regarding the status of your pool installation, i.e., whether it adheres to regulations or not. As a result, the installation work will happen rapidly, and you can expect to start using your pool without any delays.

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So, now that you know the various benefits you’ll get with a winter fibreglass pool installation, we hope you make the right choice. Remember, pool installations are complex processes, and the more rushed they are, the greater the chances of problems later on. That’s why it’s best to steer clear of the summer congestion and have your pool installed in the winter. Sure, you might not be able to use it immediately after installation (unless you install heating equipment), but the benefits on offer are far greater than the negatives.