Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Pool

When you think of summer, swimming is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. Installing a pool of your own enables you to enjoy the sunshine and cool water whenever you please! If you are seriously considering a pool, but not 100% convinced, let this post inspire you to take the plunge. Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a pool.

1. Improve Your Health

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, and having a pool nestled in the backyard provides you with the opportunity to get physical every day without having to leave your home. You can set the pace and cater your activity to suit your physical ability and energy levels. Along with boosting your health through regular physical activity, being submerged in water is known to host a breadth of benefits regardless of whether you are actively moving or not. Some of these include muscle recovery, reducing stress and decreasing inflammation.

2. Makes Being Home More Fun

Most of the time, when we head out for the day on the weekend, it’s because being at home can get boring however, a swimming pool can completely change that. Pools are fun and provide a source of entertainment for the kids and big kids alike. As you don’t have to go out to have a good time, you can save some money too on fuel, eating out, parking fees etc. It takes the hassle out of having to figure out where to go, getting everyone and everything ready, not to mention the travel time it takes to get there.

3. Take Your Memory Making To The Next Level

If you grew up with a pool or someone close to you had a swimming pool, you likely have very fond memories centred around this. Often we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to make time to spend with our loved ones. Proper actual time together, not just being together while watching tv or on our devices. A swimming pool offers a recreational haven for the family to all get together after a busy day to catch up without any external distractions getting in the way. This provides the opportunity to have conversations, connect as a family unit and have a laugh together – something that you can never have too much of.

4. Makes Events & Parties At Your Place Fun

Rather than having everyone cooped up in the house in the air-con or sweating it out outside in the heat, everyone can cool off in the pool. When the weather is warm, your swimming pool is sure to be the focal point of all your future events and parties. Pool games, interchangeable lighting and oversized blow-up pool toys are some simple ways to draw everyone to the pool.

5. Transform The Look Of Your Backyard

Installing a swimming pool can have a transformational effect on the appeal of your backyard. This not only improves the aesthetics, but it can make your property more desirable to potential buyers if you ever decide to put your home on the market. With our warm climate and love of being outside, homes with swimming pools are highly sought after here in Australia, and it most definitely will add value to your home.

6. Get The Kids Outdoors More & On Technology Less

Technology has become a more and more prominent part of our everyday lives. If you let children decide how long they can spend on their devices or attached to the TV, most would be there for hours on end with no troubles at all. The more that we use technology like this, the more it becomes a habit and the more we depend on it every day. Most kids love swimming, and having a pool out the back encourages them to get outside amongst nature to burn off some energy and disconnect from their beloved devices for a few hours.

7. No More Contending With Packed Beaches

Have you packed up the family early to drive to a beach that you know is popular to get there before the crowds, only to get there and discover it is packed? There are hardly any car parks if any, and the amount of available sand remaining to set up is lacking. This can be highly frustrating and makes going to the beach a hassle.

8. Create Your Very Own Slice Of Paradise

The great thing about installing a swimming pool is that you can customise the space to suit your preferences. When the weather starts to cool off, you can still benefit from having a pool even if you aren’t swimming in it. Making the pool area relaxing with comfortable seating, enables you to sit poolside with a book or cuppa any time of the year. Just being near water can have therapeutic and calming effects on one’s wellbeing. Add in a water feature, and you’ll be in relaxation mode in no time.

9. Teach The Kids To Be Competent Swimmers

Learning to swim is a necessity living here in Australia. It gives children the opportunity to partake in all water-based activities safely. Having a pool allows your child to build on their swimming skills to become a more competent swimmer. Whether that’s learning to swim or mastering their technique. It’s a skill that they can work on anytime and as often as they like.

10. Immerse Yourself In Nature

Spending time outside in the fresh air has many benefits including but not limited to lower stress levels, boosting energy and calming the mind. Being outside paired with swimming in water can release endorphins and other feel-good hormones. Having a swimming pool at your disposal allows you to take advantage of swimming outdoors from the convivence of your back doorstep, day or night, 365 days a year!

Ready For Pool Ownership?

The benefits that come with owning your own swimming pool are undeniable! We hope this post has given you the final nudge to dive into pool ownership. If it has or you have any questions, feel free to contact the fibreglass pool professionals here at Factory Pools Perth! We specialise in stunning fibreglass pools for every home, and we’d love to help you create something special.