Top Reasons as To Why a Cover for Your Swimming Pool Is So Important

A lot of decisions need to be made when purchasing a pool – the colour, size, design, add-ons, and accessories. Understandably it can be overwhelming, there are so many to choose from, and you want to be sure you are making the right choice. One accessory that is extremely beneficial yet often underutilised is a pool cover. Here we’ll explain why you should have one for your swimming pool.

Reduces evaporation

Your pool is exposed to sunlight, wind, and varying temperatures. All these things cause the water in your pool to evaporate. In summer, the temperature is elevated, and the sun is intense most days so, it’s likely your pool water will drop quicker than other times in the year. While doing your weekly pool care, it’s a good idea to check where your water level is at. If your water is too low, your pump can suck in air and damage your equipment, and if it’s too high, the skimmer door cannot close properly, and debris will float back into the pool. Not only that, having to fill your pool back up costs money. By utilising a pool cover, you can reduce evaporation by up to 97%. They help to preserve water by blocking wind, sun, and heat from hitting the pool.

Keeps out nasties

There is no way to prevent contaminants from entering the water. They come from various sources – leaves, dirt, debris, body oils, sunscreen, sweat, and more. While body oils, sunscreen and sweat can have a negative effect on your pool water, the ones that cause the biggest disruptions are debris, dirt, and leaves. A pool cover can drastically reduce the number of contaminants that fall into the water. This can help to decrease the need for high doses of chemicals and less time needs to be spent cleaning up the pool, so its win, win.

Make swimming more comfortable

While the kids may be eager to jump in the pool in the middle of winter, many people couldn’t think of anything worse, and the pool usually doesn’t get used during this time. A pool cover can help to retain and insulate warmth in the water. It traps heat and prevents it from escaping, plus protects the water from cold air and wind. If you have a heating system, a cover can reduce your running costs as it doesn’t have to run for as long the next time you want to use your pool.

Additional safety

Safety is paramount when installing a new pool, and while it is mandatory to have a complaint fence erected, you can never be too safe. Hardtop pool covers can generally weight bear an adult easily, so if a child or pet ever gets into the pool area unknowingly, this adds that extra element of safety. If you would like a cover that can increase the safety of your pool, always investigate its weight-bearing capabilities before purchasing as some varieties such as roll-out floating covers, offer no protection whatsoever.

Reduce pool care

As a cover prevents organic matter from falling into your pool, you can reduce your pool care to the bare minimum. Debris and other unwanted pathogens are the main culprits when it comes to compromising the quality of your water. They only float on top of the water for so long before they start sinking to the bottom of the pool. This is where they decompose and start affecting your delicate chemical balance. If they are left to their own devices, they can promote algae growth and turn your pool green or cloudy within a day or two. A cover can also cut down on the need to use an automatic pool cleaner which can save you money.

Different types of pool covers 

If you have ever looked into buying a cover for your pool, you’ll know there are numerous options available. Firstly, establish how much you are willing to spend, this can help you to narrow down your choices. Here are 4 popular types that pool owners tend to go for:

Automatic Pool Covers

Perched at the highest end of the cost scale, you’ll find the automatic pool cover, and while they may be expensive, the benefits they offer are simply unmatched by other types. They are custom made and integrated into the side of your pool seamlessly. They are a permanent fixture, and unlike some other pool covers, they aren’t an eyesore. When they are not in use, they roll back up into the side of the pool and are barely detectable. Automatic pool covers can generally hold the weight of an adult, and they are extremely easy to use. Rather than having to manually drag them across the pool, they roll out effortlessly across the water with a touch of a button. Those with this type of cover tend to use it more due to its simplicity.

Manual Pool Covers

If you have a tight budget but would still like a cover for your pool, a manual cover is a good option. They are cheap and easily accessible. You can buy manual pool covers in various materials and sizes. To use a manual cover, you roll it across the pool, it’s best if you have someone to hold the other end and roll it out at the same time as you as they can sink and be difficult to get even when tackling the task yourself. Purchasing a roller can make rolling the cover out easier, and it is a good way to store it to prevent damage.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers are affordable and can be cut to suit the size and shape of your pool. They are popular amongst pool owners as they essentially serve two purposes. One, they keep your pool cleaner and two, they can warm your water up for you. Depending on the temperature, they can warm your pool up by 10 degrees on a day with full sun. They do not offer any safety protection and cannot weight bear anything more than debris and small twigs. You may find they blow off in strong winds and sink in spots if it has rained or a branch has fallen onto it.

Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh covers are made of just that – mesh. They are typically held firmly into position using anchor points that are placed around the pool. This type of cover offers more safety than floating types but not more than an automatic cover. If you decide that a mesh cover is suitable for your pool, ensure you choose one with tight-woven knitting, this way you’ll limit the amount of rain that gets into your pool and debris too.

Fun fact

In some states and territories in Australia, it is a requirement that your new swimming pool has a pool cover! Even if your state doesn’t require you to have one, the benefits that they offer are hard to ignore. If you’d like more information on this topic or you have any questions about a swimming pool for your place, contact us here at Factory Pools Perth, we specialise in creating showstopping fibreglass pools for every home.