12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Fibreglass Pool

Planning to get a pool for the summer? Having a pool is a great way of spending some quality time by yourself or with others. Apart from the leisure value, a pool also comes with a plethora of health benefits. Considering all these benefits, more and more people are getting pools installed.

The real dilemma kicks in once you have made your mind about getting a pool. What pool would be the best? Is concrete still the king? Or would pool liners suit your better? Or is it fiberglass that will make the cut for you?

Experts have weighed in the pros and cons of each, and fiberglass has come out as the winner by and large. This modern innovation is changing the way people think about their private pools. Let’s find out what sets fiberglass apart.

1. Ease of Installation

Do want your pool to be ready to use in just two days’ time with a complete in-ground setup? It is simply unachievable with a concrete pool. With a fiberglass pool, however, the complete installation process can be carried out in under forty-eight hours. You would definitely need the council’s approval and legal permissions, but the installation procedure itself is extremely easy and time-saving. If you want to get things done quickly, fiberglass pools are the best choice.

2. No resurfacing or liner replacement cost

Vinyl liners must be replaced at some point. However, there isn’t any liner in a fiberglass pool. This is a significant investment that fiberglass pool owners are relieved to avoid. Concrete pools require their own upkeep to keep them fresh and maintained: acid-washing and even resurfacing are required once every couple of years. These are things that fiberglass pool owners do not need to be concerned about.

3. Low maintenance

Swimming pools made of fiberglass are as low-maintenance as it can get.

For instance, a fiberglass pool’s non-porous ‘gelcoat’ surface prevents algal blooms and will not negatively react with the chemicals frequently used to sterilize pool water. This essentially means you don’t have to spend a lot of time washing the walls or adding and adjusting chemicals.

You won’t have to spend all day acid-washing the surface of your fiberglass pool, as you would with a concrete pool. Neither would you be busy replacing and/or fixing holes in a vinyl liner.

4. Safety standards

Unlike most other materials, a fiberglass pool is not rough and there isn’t any sharp edge to be seen. All of it is just smooth and sleek seating areas. If you have kids at home, or you care about the safety of everyone, a fiberglass pool is always a better choice than concrete. It ensures that you stay safe while enjoying quality leisure time, and do not ever have to worry about getting hurt.

5. Strength and durability

Fiberglass pools are much more sturdy, durable, and less prone to damage. While vinyl pools have their own set of advantages, it’s still true that fiberglass pools are less prone to be damaged. This means a lesser risk of damage and decreased maintenance expenditures during the pool’s lifetime. Pointed ends of pool poles, dog claws, and a broad range of non-pool-friendly toys and other objects are among the most typical things that pierce liner pools. With fiberglass pools, these issues are usually less of a concern.

6. Compatibility with saltwater

A salt system can be used with a vinyl liner pool, but a salt-chlorine generator should not be used with metallic pool walls. Metal walls are common in vinyl-lined pools. Corrosion is caused by the combination of salt and metal, which reduces the pool’s lifespan. The same can be said about concrete swimming pools.

When your concrete pool has a plaster-based covering, the salt could erode it down quicker than it would on by itself. A concrete pool surface will wear out faster, which means you’ll want to resurface it sooner.

Salt systems work very well in fiberglass pools. The same properties that make fiberglass resistant to algae also end up making its surfaces resistant to saltwater.

7. Genuine product

The fiberglass pool style you would choose would be the exact thing that will be installed at home. Unlike vinyl and concrete pools, there is no guesswork or leaving things up to the professionals here. It is made possible because fiberglass pools are pre-made and just need to be installed.

8. Aesthetic value

Fiberglass pools come in a wide range of colour, texture, and design options. Their visual appeal is way greater than their concrete or vinyl counterparts. With visually stunning surface options and a choice of different patterns and hues, it is the best you can get in terms of looks.  

9. Fiberglass pools can boost your home's selling value

Swimming pools do not always add to the existing value of your home. Fiberglass pools are known for doing this.

Vinyl liner pools, on the other hand, are not as durable as concrete or fiberglass pools and will not add to the value of your home.

A fiberglass pool can add about 5% to the value of your home. This is, however, always different depending on where you live, where you live, and other considerations.

10. The low total cost of ownership

A swimming pool is an excellent investment that will profit your family for many years ahead. However, it’s important to keep in mind that sustaining your pool is also important for safeguarding your investment. Over time, that upkeep will cost you more money. Fiberglass pools do have higher initial investment than vinyl liner pools. Nonetheless, when you consider the minimal upkeep and other advantages, you’ll find that fiberglass pools are less expensive to own in the long run.

11. Fewer chemicals

Fiberglass pools are known to use fewer chemicals than concrete or vinyl alternatives. It owes this to the smooth surface that is invulnerable to water, including saltwater. It protects the health of anyone using the pool.

12. Less worry, more fun

By the end of the list, it is obvious that fiberglass pools offer way more in terms of fun and entertainment. This is complemented by the fact that they require low maintenance and upkeep. With a fiberglass pool, you can focus on enjoying yourself while keeping other thoughts at bay. Get in contact with us today to start the pool journey of your dreams!