What Makes A Perfect Pool For Children?

Australians love water – whether enjoying the sea or a swimming pool. We are a nation drawn to water. Statistics show that four out of five Australians live within easy walking or driving distance of the beach.

Most people buy a pool for their whole family to enjoy, but it needs to be a pool that is safe for children. Here’s some guidance to ensure your swimming pool is perfect for a family.

Shallow Area

A young child will have little swimming experience, so a shallow area of the pool is a must.

This shallow area of the pool is perfect for playing games and retrieving toys from the pool floor. It’s also ideal for practising diving and handstands, allowing them to grow in confidence to develop their swimming skills.


A ledge of a pool – sometimes known as a tanning bench, Baja shelf, or sun shelf is a shallow shelf, five feet wide and nine inches deep. It can act as an entry point to your pool and is deep enough for you to be in the water without having to swim or float.

While adults can relax on this bench, a ledge is also the perfect spot for children to rest, especially youngsters who are less confident swimmers.

Pool Temperature

Did you know that adults, children, and babies experience water temperatures differently? Although your pool water temperature may seem fine to you, it may seem chillier to youngsters. 

A child can lose heat rapidly. The ideal pool temperature for a family with children is a comfortable 29 degrees Celsius.

A pool should never be as hot as bathwater but should be warm enough for children to enjoy. If you have babies and toddlers, you may want to consider increasing the temperature to 31 degrees. 

Adults and youngsters experience water temperature differently – so a child can feel the cold more than a grown-up. A child can lose heat rapidly. This also includes the opposite: ensure your spa is not too hot for any children to enter safely. Consider letting them dip their toes in first, and take it slowly from there to gauge the temperature. 



Time spent admiring your pool from your patio is equally as enjoyable as swimming within it.

This hard landscaped area allows you to enjoy barbeques, read or relax on a lounger. A paved pool area is easy to maintain and should be built of non-slip material to increase safety to prevent children from slipping. It needs to be spacious, so there’s room to move about.

Pool Fencing

Swimming pools are attractive through the eyes of a child with the inviting glistening turquoise blue water. All swimming pools in Australia have to be legally fenced to prevent drowning.

Pool fence regulations are constantly being updated but must comply with the Building Code of Australia. Pool fencing must be a minimum height of 1200mm and 900mm away from any climbable objects. Any gaps within the fence must be less than 100mm, and gates must swing away from the pool and be self-closing with the latches mounted pool-side.

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