What Water Is Right For Me?

What Water Is Right for you and your Swimming pool?

Pools come in varying shapes and sizes, and there are several options when it comes to choosing the type of water for your pool. Depending on the kind of pool you choose, your budget, and personal preference, you may opt for a chlorinated, salt water or freshwater option. Each comes with their unique benefits and potential disadvantages, and ultimately there may be a clear decision depending on the type of pool you want to install on your property.

Let's Take A Look At The Three Primary Options:

Salt Water

Salt water pools are just as they sound – the water is produced with the help of a salt water chlorinator, and isn’t dissimilar to seawater. The level in salt water pools, however, have much lower levels of salinity to that of ocean waters, and includes a certain level of chlorine which guarantees the elimination of nasty bacteria. Because salt water pools require a chlorinator, they are often considered to be on the pricier end of the scale as you’ll need to run the chlorinator often, which uses a greater amount of electricity. However, salt water is known to be a great way to keep your pool clean, and being gentler on the skin and eyes makes it a great option for families and those who are health conscience.


Chlorine pools are generally cheaper at the outset than salt water pools, however they can prove costly in the long run when it comes to maintaining chemicals and the pool itself. When you’re in charge of a chlorine pool, you need to monitor the pH regularly to ensure it remains at a safe level for both the pool and those who swim in it. However, as long as those levels are maintained within a certain range, chlorinated pools are safe and a great option for those who enjoy getting outside and working around the pool and garden.


Installing a freshwater pool is a great way to reduce the costs associated with chlorine and salt water pools as there’s no electricity required or chemicals to maintain. There is reduced corrosion within your pool, and using a tested freshwater system will ensure your pool is free of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Freshwater pools are a perfect option for families with young kids as there are no chemicals to cause irritation to the skin or eyes, and the pool water can be recycled to use in the garden.


No matter what type of pool you’re looking to purchase, it’s best to consult the experts when it comes to making the big decisions. Chlorine, salt water and freshwater pools each have their pros and cons, and your environment, pool type, budget, and family preferences each play a big part in the decision-making process.


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