What You Need to Know When It Comes to Cleaning Your Fibreglass Pool?

If you’ve just got a fibreglass pool for your backyard, you might also be interested to know the cleaning process associated with it. You may want to clean your pool on your own, to ensure it is properly taken care of. As a fibreglass pool owner, you would be glad to know that fibreglass pools are easier to clean when compared to vinyl and concrete pools. You read that right. Fibreglass pools are not only innovative, customizable and highly appealing but low on maintenance too.

If you are about to buy a pool and exploring the options, a fibreglass pool can be simply great for your family.

Here are easy tips to keep your fiberglass pool in ‘wow’ shape:

Clean the debris from time to time

Clean the dirt, bugs and leaves from your pool, at least once in a week. Even if your pool is located away from leafy gardens and big trees, it is important to clean your pool often to ensure it looks clean and healthy. An isolated pool will have all the chances of getting dirty due to wind, rainfall and other environmental factors, even if the usage is rare. Plan a cleaning schedule and stick to it at all times. You can also consider buying pool cleaning equipment, they are affordable and easy to use. Telescopic pole and skimming net are a few cleaning accessories that help you remove debris from anywhere in your pool. A vacuum cleaner will further ease the job.

Use high quality cleaning products designed for fiberglass pool

You should be smart when buying pool cleaning products. If you’ve got a fibreglass pool, choose products that are designed and meant for fibreglass. Especially when it comes to choosing brushes, avoid products with stiff bristles. They damage the surface of the material. You are best recommended to use products such as cleaning agents, chemicals and other accessories that are best suited for fibreglass. Choosing the right product will enable you to attain excellent results while your pool stays incredibly healthy.

You can visit your local pool shop or check online for pool cleaning products. Do not look at the pricing alone when buying, many a time all that comes cheap will not provide the best results. Check for the reviews and ask your pool owner friends for product recommendations.

Treat the stains right

Stains spoil the look of your pool. Besides, they also indicate your pool water imbalance. Stains are caused by certain metal concentrations; however, each metal leaves a different colored stain which you need to know. While a high magnesium concentration is responsible for gray stains, copper concentration causes a blue-green colored stain. Maroon stain indicates the presence of high levels of iron, and black spots on the pool surface show the presence of cobalt oxide. Apart from all these stain-causing metals, your pool can also get stained by the organic elements like dirt, leaves and algae.

Once you remove the debris, you can use metal chelators to further your pool cleaning. It is a simple technique to get rid of the high metal concentrations. If you doubt your efficiency, you can always get in touch with pool service specialists. They can handle and transform your fibreglass pool, to make it look newer and healthier.

Filter and Water balance

Fibreglass pool, like any other swimming pool needs a top-class filter pump to ensure the quality of water is good and safe to swim in. Running the pump will also avoid water imbalance, keeping your pool ready for use anytime. Turning on your filter after your pool time is a good idea. Let it run for at least 6-8 hours. But please note that running the pump alone is not sufficient to maintain your pool water quality. You need to regularly monitor the pH value and take measures to achieve a neutral reading. Simply put, your fibreglass pool pH should read anywhere between 7.2-7.6. Avoid corrosion, scaling and stains by keeping your pool water under the ideal pH range.

As a fibreglass pool owner, you need to have some cleaning agents/chemicals handy. This enables you to achieve water balance and use your pool anytime you want to. Regularly check the acidic and alkalinity levels of your pool water and if need be, get it tested by experts. Simple steps taken earlier will avoid unwanted expenditures later.

A pool cover can be fantastic

Regardless of whether you use your fiberglass pool every day or once a week, it will need maintenance. A pool cover can be an easy solution to reduce your maintenance effort. It prevents the pool water from getting contaminated and minimizes the need for upkeep, saving a lot of your time and effort. While it is a widely known fact that fiberglass pools are easy to clean and maintain, you are still advised to clean your pool according to your timetable. This way, you will have more time to enjoy your pool while you will spend less time on cleaning.

More tips to maintain your pool

  • Keep looking out for stains in your pool. If you come across any, ensure to get rid of it immediately. When you let a stain stand longer, it gets harder to eliminate. While you can check for stains during pool time, you are also advised to carefully observe when you are doing regular cleaning.
  • Most pool owners run their filters for a couple of hours which does no good. As discussed earlier, we recommend you to run your pool filter for a minimum of 6 hours every day.
  • Ensure your pool water is balanced all the time. A neutral reading is safe, both for your family and fiberglass pool. Take care of your pool health as you take care of yours.
  • You can use vitamin C tablets for minor rust stains. A brush with soft bristles can also make your work a lot easier.
  • When you are not using your pool, make sure to cover it with a top-quality pool cover. This prevents the insects, leaves and dust from falling into your swimming pool. This also reduces the cleaning time when you want to enter the pool.
  • Buy a good quality pool vacuum. This machine can reach the bottom of your fiberglass pool and remove dirt and other contaminants, leaving it gorgeous.
  • Even after taking all measures, if your pool continues to be cloudy, contact pool specialists right away. Get expert advice and ensure pool hygiene. You have invested a considerable amount on the pool, do not let it go unmonitored.

Hire a professional pool cleaning service and stay stress-free!

If you are a proud owner of a fibreglass pool, you should plan a pool cleaning schedule and stick to it. Timely maintenance of your pool extends its lifespan and keeps it looking lovely for years down the line. However, if you want to enjoy the pool but do not want the headache of cleaning and maintenance, we suggest hiring a pool cleaner service. This allows you to maintain optimal pool functionality while putting your mind at ease!

Fibreglass pools, as we said before, require very less upkeep, but they do need some care. Follow the above tips if you want your pool to always look dazzling!