Where Should I Put My Swimming Pool?

Where Should I Locate My Swimming Pool?

It’s a decision you’ll come to regret if you install your swimming pool in the wrong place. Many people don’t anticipate how heavily a pool will be used, so it’s a priority to place it in the right position.

Here’s some advice to help you make up your mind over where the pool should be installed.


Chances are you’ll be using your pool a lot, and you won’t want a huge trek there and back to take a dip. Swimmers will want to shower, visit a toilet and preferably have easy access to a kitchen for food and drinks, so a popular place to have the pool is close to the house.


Safety should be one of the most important things to consider if you have young children and teenagers. Position the pool close to your house, then it can be easily monitored from the kitchen, and you can keep a watchful eye on children playing and enjoying themselves in the water. It also means that if there are any incidents, you can get there quickly.

Natural Backdrop

Do you consider your swimming pool to be your own personal haven? If so, site it where you are guaranteed to have some privacy. This may be in corner area against a natural backdrop, close to shrubbery and foliage.

If the pool is placed away from the house, then it naturally becomes more of a focal point, a place for entertaining and a private getaway.

Heat And Wind

If you have a small yard or garden, there may be an under-utilised corner, which could be an ideal setting for a swimming pool.

The sun will naturally warm a pool, so it makes sense to place it in a location which is north facing. Position it in an area which is windy, and then the likelihood is that the water may be chillier and evaporate quicker. Windbreaks will help to prevent the problem.

Avoid positioning a pool close to large trees as not only will you constantly be picking up leaves; they could easily block out the sun and light.

Room For Accessories

When siting your pool, don’t forget you’ll need a place for the pump, filter and heater close-by. A shed is a good place to accommodate floats, chemicals, cleaning equipment and other accessories. Stored undercover, they’ll be protected from the elements and won’t deteriorate quickly.

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