Why do you have to wait after shocking a pool?

If you’re new to being a pool owner, there’s some pool speak that may have you stumped – such as shocking the pool. Shocking the pool does not mean upsetting it with verbal abuse – we’re talking about adding chemicals to ensure your pool’s water composition is at its best.

But while shocking a pool is critical to a clean pool, you must wait before you can dive into the water once it’s been shocked with chemicals. Never shock a pool when people are within it. Shock has a high potency level that it can be dangerous for swimmers.

Why shock the pool?

Shocking the pool means adding a high dose of chlorine to kill algae and bacteria and kill off impurities. A pool needs a shock when the water turns from a clear appearance to a cloudy colour. Shock is available in two forms – granular and liquid.

The liquid is poured into the pool, whereas granular dissolves in water before being added.
Chlorine shock treatments are potent – some contain more than 65% or more chlorine.

When should you shock your pool?

It’s best to shock your pool late afternoon or early evening because the high strength of the UV rays during the day means the chlorine strength will diminish. Without a sufficient amount of stabiliser, UV rays can break down chlorine in hours.

Leave your pump on overnight to ensure the chlorine distributes evenly through the pool water, and never cover your pool immediately after you’ve shocked it.

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How long before you can use the pool?

Wait at least eight hours after the shock treatment before jumping into the pool. Wait times always feel longer than they are, but swim too soon afterward, and there will be consequences.

Chlorine reacts to water to form acid – neither inhaling nor swimming in it within an eight-hour window is advisable.

What happens if you don’t wait?

If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, it can cause a nasty flare-up. You may also be on the receiving end of redness, pain, blistering and burning.

Inhalation effects can be even worse – with shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightening. Chlorine can be detrimental to your eyes causing blurred vision, watery eyes, leaving them red and sore.

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What should you do if you accidentally jump into a pool recently shocked?

Act swiftly! Wash immediately using soap and water, paying particular attention to your eyes, and rinsing them for at least 15 minutes. If you have swallowed a lot of chlorine, try to sip plenty of water.

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