Why Rectangular Pools Will Always Be A Household Favourite

There are many pool shapes and designs available, but nothing comes close to the rectangular pools. Yes, they are timeless and of late have surprisingly come back with a bang. Rectangular pools are popular again, and every other pool buyer you come across will prefer a rectangular pool for his backyard.

Rectangular shaped pools are high on aesthetics, utmost practicality and offer the perfect shape to enjoy a pleasant swim. Let us now explore the many factors that make these classic pools so popular.


They Are Ideal To Practice Laps

When you have a rectangular pool in your backyard, you get the opportunity to do laps. The pool offers a lengthy stretch you can use to practice your swimming skills. You and your family can use the pool to swim and stay fit. Swimming, if you are not aware, greatly boosts your fitness levels, tones your muscles and improves cardiovascular health. Further, it provides scope for your dear ones to achieve fitness while not compromising on privacy.

Do you now understand why Olympic pools are rectangular in shape?

Perfect For Relaxation

Another advantage of having a rectangular pool within your premises is it gives you an exclusive space to relax and refresh after a hard day at work. Simply dive into the pool and do laps, or float around and let the healing waters soothe your tired body and stressed mind. It works like magic! Water comes with an astonishing healing property, and it can greatly help you reduce your anxiety levels.

But why rectangular pool for relaxation? The reason is it is easier to design a rectangular pool with comfortable seating and additional water features. Sit and relax amid the blue waters and enjoy the small fountains around. Your mind automatically cools down.

The Ultimate Choice For Families

The idea behind buying a backyard pool is mainly to give your family a good place to enjoy and get entertained. A rectangular pool provides enough space for your family to get into it, while it can be a wonderful area to play water games together.

Whether it is a weekend, holiday, festival, or birthday party, your rectangular pool is a fantastic place to get together and party.

Another advantage of owning a rectangular pool is safety. Rectangular pools, as they are open with no hidden corners, are extremely safe. They allow you to efficiently supervise your kids when they are playing in the water. Additionally, it is easier to fence a rectangular pool when compared to the other pool shapes.

Families, large and small have preferred rectangular shaped pools for various reasons. They are easy to build, install and maintain. Furthermore, they look appealing and always stay in the trend. If you are looking for a backyard pool for your property, a rectangular fibreglass pool would make a great choice. Contact your local pool builder for rectangular pool options and find one that fits in your space.

They Blend In With Most Properties

Your backyard pool should perfectly match your home decor. In other words, you should choose a pool that aligns with your home designs and styles. This makes your entire property look amazing, while it enhances the resale value of your home. So, in case you decide to move in the future, you can get a good sale price.

There are numerous contemporary pool shapes available on the market today. However not all of them can align with the tastes and preferences of a majority population. On the other hand, a rectangular pool is classic and remains popular with people across ages, genders, and classes. A rectangular shaped pool can integrate with various architectural styles, and its streamlined shape and lines can seamlessly sync with both traditional and modern homes.

A rectangle fibreglass pool should be your choice if you plan to sell your home in the near future. It is also the best choice if you don’t want your pool to get outdated with time.

Provide For Attractive Landscaping

Landscaping is as important as the pool itself. This is because, your pool will appear appealing only when the landscaping has been done. Furthermore, you need to pay attention to the pool positioning since you cannot move the pool after installation. Your pool is going to sit at one place for a long time, and it must look beautiful from all angles.

A rectangle pool is easy to position. It looks attractive regardless of whether you place it close to the building or at a distance. This elegant pool will also allow you to plan your yard design. Be it creating a vertical garden, growing potted plants, creating relaxing spaces by the poolside or any other design to match your lifestyle, a rectangular pool makes backyard design planning pretty easy.

A gorgeous and functional landscape adds to the beauty of your home. A rectangle pool allows you to create an organized and stunning flow, at the same time offers scope for you to enjoy a fun-filled outdoor life.

Ideal Shape For Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are trending, and they are one-of-a-kind luxury pools for the style conscious generation. These beautiful pools with disappearing edges offer a view over the surrounding, making you feel becoming one with nature when swimming. You get to experience an extraordinary feel when relaxing in an infinity pool.

A rectangular pool comes with a straight long edge, perfect for creating the ‘disappearing edge.’ With a rectangular infinity pool within your property premises, you are going to become the envy of your neighbors.

Own a rectangular infinity pool and experience the ultimate luxury. Relax in the cool waters while feeling the soothing breeze and enjoying the nature.

It doesn’t matter whether you are located in the midst of a buzzing city or near to the woods. A rectangular infinity pool is the perfect choice if your space allows for it. Get in touch with a reputed pool company and check out the different designs and finishes for an infinity pool.

The 90-degree cornered pools have been here for decades. They look sleek and modern, and can be easily modified to suit your space. For instance, you can get a skinny rectangle pool (narrow width with a long span) if your backyard is long and narrow. You can also effortlessly include a pool cover and upkeep.

Rectangular pools have always been the popular choice, and they are continuing to top the charts.

Keep The Following Points In Mind When Buying A Rectangle Pool:

regular size rectangular family pool is ideal if you are a small family with children and elderly parents living with you. These pools suit different styles, come with neatly defined lines and are available in a range of colours.

A lap pool is perfect if you want a swimming pool to do laps. These pools are long and narrow and offer the perfect space to practice swimming and stay fit.

Consider buying a rectangular plunge pool if you have a small backyard. Plunge pools are deeper and compact and simply right for relieving stress. Immerse and relax while feeling the true sense of inner calmness.

Finally, choose a durable finish and a non-slippery surface to enjoy your pool for years to come.