Why Swimming Pools Top The Wish List For Home Buyers

It’s official - a pool is at the top of a wish list for home buyers in Australia. A recent report by leading property and real estate website 'Domain' has highlighted why they're so popular.

Attitudes have changed since the coronavirus pandemic – with people wanting additions to their homes to benefit their lifestyle. Research undertaken by Domain shows that the top keywords used when searching for homes are a pool, study and outdoor space. What makes a pool the current best addition to a home? 

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Location Location Location

It may seem unusual, but a pool is more in demand by would-be house purchasers who want to live close to the beach. Waterside living is a big plus for many Australians. Beach suburbs are deemed more desirable, with a pool and beachside property seen as a great pairing.

Pools VS Sea

Pools are just as popular as beaches. Many people prefer to swim in a swimming pool than in the sea. Grains of sand can be messy, getting stuck everywhere – in swimsuits and sandwiches.

The heavy salt content in seawater can also be off-putting. Nobody fancies a mouthful of seawater that dehydrates and makes you feel queasy! Sea waves are less than ideal for beginner swimmers, with a pool a better option to learn to swim and relax.

A pool in your garden requires far less effort than visiting a beach. Just footsteps from your back door, your own pool offers convenience and means you can shower and change in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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Appearance & Style Factor

Nobody wants a pool that looks outdated and ugly. Several factors boost its appeal – notably its condition, presentation and whether or not it’s been well maintained. Fibreglass pools are superior to concrete pools enjoying a longer lifespan and requiring far fewer chemicals and effort to maintain water quality. A pool can be an appealing focal point for your yard – as long as it doesn’t take over it and there’s room left for open space or a patio.

Hot Climate 

When temperatures go up, people want to, naturally, cool down. The latest Roy Morgan research indicates pool ownership is increasing year on year in Australia. 

The weather determines how often you’re likely to use a pool. In Western Australia, Perth has more sunshine hours than any other Australian city. Estate agents say potential home buyers are particularly keen to purchase a pool when scouring properties in the summer months. Soaring temperatures will make a dip in a backyard pool (and a home’s air conditioning system) extremely appealing. Here are 5 top reasons why you should use your swimming pool as much as you can in summer!

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