The Best And Most Popular Ways To Light Up Your Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard or patio can offer a dazzling expression to your home. Adding light to it can take the feel to a whole other level. With endless choices available, you might get overwhelmed about selecting the most appropriate ways to light up your pool.

Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular ways to light your pool.


Lighting Options For Your Pool

Technology is continually progressing, and new and creative pool lighting choices are regularly getting introduced in the market. The current lightings available are much more durable and offer far cleaner light, using a lot less energy.

Mainly there are two types of lights for swimming pools, which include:

Halogen Lights

Before Halogen lights came into the market, incandescent lighting was the king of swimming pool lighting. Halogen lighting uses much less energy and has longer durability.

However, even Halogen lights have some disadvantages. For example, they are quite costly, and they need to be replaced often. Along with this, they omit yellow rays.

Even when Halogen lights are much better than incandescent lights, they’re still not the best choice available in the market.

LED Lights

Ever since LED technology has entered the market, it has set a new norm for swimming pool lighting. The best part? They’re undoubtedly a lot more eco-friendly, have higher durability, and produce clean light.

With the missing filaments in LED lights, your swimming pool will light up with perfect white light. This is unlike the greenish radiant you get with incandescent and halogen lights. Also, LEDs use a lot less energy. These are some main reasons why people prefer LED lights over halogens.

Are There Different Colored Lights Available?

Of course! In today’s time the options for pool lightings are only limited by your imagination. There are not just tonnes of different colored lights available, but you can even get a color changing system.

This system allows you to change the lighting’s color of your pool with just a touch of a button and that too from your smartphone. You can also set the system to alternate between different colors, giving your swimming pool the wow factor!

How Many Types Of Lights Are Available?

Mainly, there are two kinds of pool lights available in the market that include flush-mounted and surface-mounted.

Flush-mounted lights

If you have a modern, contemporary pool design then you can go for flush-mounted lighting. As they offer a classy look and don’t protrude out of the water, instead they stay put inside the pool wall. This makes these lights look seamless and modern.

Surface-Mounted Lights

These lights are usually large in size and are placed on the interior surface of the water. However, they’re not as much popular in today’s time as they used to be because they’re somewhat eyesore.

How Many Lights Do You Need For Your Pool Side?

The number of lights you need for your pool depends on multiple things such as:

  • The shape and the size of your pool
  • The amount of light already falling on the pool
  • The look you want to build

The simple rule of thumb is that the bigger the pool you have, the more lighting you would want. However, it also depends on how much lighting you already have and if you want to light the whole pool or just a part of it.

If your pool has curves/corners, you might need to place lighting in those places.


Amazing Pool Lighting Ideas

Idea #1: Pool Deck Lighting

If you have a pool in your backyard then there are chances that you would love to chill around your pool, even at night. This calls for above-ground directional lights to light up your poolside instead of in-ground lights. Why? Because with above-ground lights you wouldn’t have to worry about getting bumped into lights, damaging lights or having your guests trip over them.

Idea #2: Moonlighting

Make the most of your lighting by using a moonlighting theme. This will create a beautiful and alluring scene at your pool. To do this, you simply have to light up your pool deck from above, mount lights on trees or on your home’s roof gables.

However, if you have really tall trees surrounding your poolside, you can mount the branches’ lights over heading the pool, creating a natural moonlight. Additionally, this will create fascinating shadows from the branches and leaves on the pool and poolside.

Idea #3: High-End Tiki Torches

Do you love the way tiki torches look? Well, imagine having them by your pool side and creating interesting lighting.

Consider buying high-grade tiki torches that use a wired-in-lighting system and are built with high-quality copper and brass. These professional grade lights are usually hard-wired right into the landscape, making the lightings look seamless and modern.

You can fill the torches with oil and use wicks to give it an authentic look. If you’re not a big fan of this idea, then you can also fit bulbs in these torches.

Idea #4: Highlighting Surrounding Trees And Plants

Another great idea is to use the trees and plants and highlight them to create a beautiful illumination at the pool side during the night.

However, do not go overboard and overwhelm your trees, try keeping it subtle and retaining the trees’ beauty.

And if you have tall trees around your pool area then you can majestically illuminate them. You might need just two or three fixtures. You can use the first fixture to create a narrow beam that penetrates high through the tree. And with the second fixture, create a wide beam that spread softly through the branches, leaves, etc.

If you have flower beds around your pool area, then you can nestle two to four LED lights to build a magical glow, creating a charming scene at your pool.

Idea #5: Water Features

Does your pool have a water feature such as a waterfall? Then you deserve to have an amazing lighting strategy to make your pool side even more amazing.

To make it look magical, you can light the waterfall from underneath so when the water comes out, it will look like the light is dancing off the water. And with other lights from the pool’s corner or from a tall tree near the pool, it can create a beautiful and soft lighting on the waterfall.

And the light from the LED lightings might hit the water surface of the pool and all the mist in the air, creating a beautiful movement of the light.

Imagine chilling by this beautiful scene with your loved one at night!

Don't Get Overwhelmed, Talk To Professionals!

Proper lighting by your pool will not only make the area safer during the night but it also helps enhance the appeal of your swimming pool. However, with so many lighting options available in the market, you might get overwhelming to select the best ones.

So, the best thing to do is talk with professionals who understand designing and architecture. They can analyze the pool area and help you select the best suited pool lighting.

To Sum It Up

In today’s time it is a great idea to select LED lights for your pool side; however, it also majorly depends on what kind of mood you want to set for your pool. If you’re searching for pool lightings, then keep this article bookmarked to help you select the best lights.