How To Prepare Your Fibreglass Pool For A Storm

In the cooler months, Australia gets lashed by severe thunderstorms, and while the heavy rain and hail can be quite atmospheric to watch, it can cause havoc to both your property and swimming pool.

In Western, Australia rain starts to fall heavily during autumn and winter, so if the weather forecast is telling you to batten down the hatches and you know a storm is coming, prepare your pool for the downpour also.

Empty the pool

One of the wisest things to do is to empty your pool a little but ensure water can still run through the skimmer box, so the pump does not go dry.

To drain the water, set your pump to waste or backwash turn on the pump allow it to empty and stop your pump when the water is at the mid-skimmer level.

Ideally, your water level should be lowered so it’s about 50mm below the average level, just in case there’s a big deluge, and there’s a risk of your pool overflowing.

Turn Off The Electrics In Heavy Rain

If a particularly nasty storm is heading your way, turn off your electrical power at your circuit breakers as this will help avoid any electrical surge damage. If you think you’re in for a real lashing remove your pump and filter temporarily, or alternatively cover the pump with watertight plastic and rope to prevent damage.

Rainwater can contaminate the pool so you may need to add some extra chemicals. This is an excellent time to get your pool tested and adjust as required. Some people think putting a cover on the pool is a wise idea, but just imagine the damage your cover will do if it gets whipped up in the gusts! Roll your blanket away or store it in your shed.

Store Away Any Items

The thunderstorm season brings heavy winds so take appropriate measures to ensure pool items don’t blow away. Store any pool equipment away whether that’s cleaning gear, toys or poolside furniture.

It may sound obvious but don’t ever store your furniture in your pool, believe it or not, and some people choose to do this. It could damage your interior finish and won’t do much for the condition of your furniture either.

After The Storm

When a storm has passed, it’s time to bring any pool items back again. Clean out your pool and remove any heavy debris. Branches and leaves have the potential to stain your pool, use a skimmer to lift them out and if there’s any serious grime left, brush the walls and floor. Rebalance your water chemistry as extra rain will have affected its balance, reducing calcium hardness and alkalinity levels.

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