Lighter VS Darker Coloured Pools

Blue is the colour of calmness, peace, and serenity. The ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of our planet - so is it any wonder that blue hues are the obvious choices for swimming pools?

Some people want their pool to match the colour of the sky, while others would prefer a turquoise colour – a green/blue mix to mimic the natural environment blending in with fauna and flora.

Factory Pools Perth uses an advanced type of gel coat for its pools. There are nine colours to choose from, including Indigo Sparkle, Royal Blue Sparkle, Midnight Sparkle, and Mondo Grey Sparkle – but should you opt for a light or dark colour?

Lighter Coloured Pool

A lighter colour pool – think more turquoise than dark blue – creates a beach or tropical feel, with the water more transparent offering a crystal clear ambiance. While it may look sleek, you’ll spot any debris that settles on the pool floor, and you’ll have to be more attentive about cleaning your pool because algae will be more noticeable.

It will also reflect more rays from the sun – making it ideal for a hot climate because it will be cooler to swim in. Lighter colour pools look more expansive, and often larger than they actually are, making them the perfect choice for small yards.

You might need your sunglasses on when you take a dip because they create extra glare.

A lighter pool can be more dramatic at night time, imagine brightly coloured LED lights sprinkled around its edging, whereas a darker coloured pool may get swamped by the dark at night.

When considering landscaping, a light-coloured pool contrasts nicely with dark wooden decking and pairs well with dark granite or travertine with caramel tones or red earth-type sandstone.

Darker Coloured Pool

A darker pool offers a modern finish to mimic the ocean or a lake and will attract and absorb heat better than a lighter one making it warmer to swim in. A darker opaque colour will give the water a reflective, mirror-type quality that is more contemporary.

Dark pools may be considered less safe. If an inexperienced swimmer gets into difficulty, it may be harder to see them underwater. The depth of the pool can also be deceiving, with a darker colour creating an illusion it’s deeper than it really is.

While they may hide any debris on the pool bottom, they’ll also camouflage algae or mildew, so you’ll have to be extra vigilant about cleaning. Some argue that birds and ducks descend on dark pools and settle on the water, staying for a while because they mistake them for ponds.

When choosing landscaping options for darker pools, look at lighter-coloured surrounds. A light wood decking will offer a better variance – opt for a light granite, neutral sandstone, or limestone.

Whatever colour you select, you’ll never regret buying your own pool. Factory Pools Perth offers affordable fibreglass pools all made in Western Australia. Visit one of our three showrooms in Joondalup, O’Connor and Mandurah and explore what’s available yourself.