Making Pool Safety A Priority

Safety around the pool

Pool Supervision is made easier when planned. While a pool fence provides a physical obstacle to prevent children from entering the swimming, pool their still needs to be other measures to prevent accidents from happening in and around the pool.


Always have an adult watching over the kids while they are in the pool area and the kids should leave the pool area if the adult has to go elsewhere. Never under any circumstances should you leave the gate open.

Flotation Aids

A great safety feature for small children, a floatation aid is an excellent way of keeping kids afloat and giving them confidence when learning to swim, But make sure all floating aids are up to the Australian standards required. Faulty equipment is worse than no equipment. Remember to have an adult supervising at all times.

Swimming Lesson

Build your kids confidence by having a professional swim school teach them to swim correctly. They take children from as young at 6mts old and upwards. Check with your local council to find your local swim school.

First Aid

Brush up on your knowledge of first aid especially CPR; you never know when you may need it. SPASA and the Royal Life Saving Society can help you with this. Encourage the whole family to take part, the life they save may be yours!

Don’t forget to display somewhere close to the pool a Resuscitation Chart; these can usually be obtained from pool shops.

A swimming pool can be a real attraction and great fun for the children and all the family, but safety in and around the pool is a crucial issue so plan and always have a safety procedure in place. “Be smart be ready.”