Paradise At Your Doorstop

Paradise In Your Backyard

"What Ever Your Age Having A Pool or Spa Will Add A New Dimension To Your Life"

We are becoming a more health-conscious society, and a pool or spa fits our needs perfectly.

When you own a pool or spa, you have a new focal point for family entertainment.

Owning a pool means you don`t have to face crowds when you feel like a swim, while there are no hassles with parking or finding a pleasant spot on the beach or at the local public swimming pool.

because you look after the water in your pool or spa you know it`s safe and free of harmful bacteria.

Parents with young children find they have total control over supervision of their kids with no more anxiety about what dangers they might face from things like turbulent surf or crowded public pools.

Those with teenagers find the pool helps keep the family together they meet their children’s teenage friends in a fun family atmosphere.

Older people find that having their own pool or spa re-awakens their interest by giving them a social activity they can handle with ease. And with the increasing popularity of water aerobics, it’s one of the best ways to keep fit for older adults and is an enjoyable fun activity.

Your pool is right there in your backyard its rippling waters provide a constant invitation to change into your bathers in the privacy of your own home and hop in for a dip or an energetic swim or if its a spa you can relax in warm, soothing water.

Value Added

Whatever the reason for installing a pool, the ultimate benefit is the added value to your property. Real Estate industry figures show that homes for sale with a pool are in more demand and command a high price.

Space Not A Problem

Blocks of land are getting smaller, and these days many people with small yards have solved the space problem in one of two ways.

Some have opted for a smaller pool, believing that the primary purpose of having a pool is for entertainment and family pleasure. We have a wide range of pools designed for smaller areas that provide all the advantages of pool ownership.

On the other hand, the space problem can be solved by having a plunge pool or a spa. These require less room yet still provide the entertaining benefits of a pool. An advantage of a spa is that they are suited to areas where the weather is colder. You can even install them indoors.

You may also consider purchasing one of the latest swim spas, combining the enjoyment and benefits of a traditional spa with the challenge of swimming against powerful jets.

For The Health Conscious

A few laps of a pool each day will help tone up your muscles and leave you feeling invigorated.

Easy Maintenance

Modern technology has provided us with many wonderful products such as the Blu-Ray Disc and Bluetooth technology.

In days gone by, pool ownership meant hours of laborious cleaning and maintenance. Not anymore. Today’s pool owners can spend very little time maintaining their pool; nearly all the work can be done by the automatic pool systems that are now available.

Swim Season

The average swim season in an unheated pool in Perth is four months, in some cases a little less for adults and up to two months longer for children, who seem not to feel the cold as much.

Of course, you could swim all year round with a gas heater or electric heat pump.

A pool cover can be used to help retain heat in a pool resulting in more days of comfortable swimming. With all new pools, it’s a legal requirement now that pools must come with a blanket.

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