Some of the Most Affordable and Appealing Backyard Pool Design Ideas

You have already made the decision to get a pool. You have contacted everyone and gathered all the information you can get and are now ready to proceed with the construction of the pool in some time. But there is still one critical thing remaining. You still have to decide on the design of it!

The design is one of the most crucial parts of the pool as it should go well with the aesthetic of your backyard. Your pool’s design will also dictate how it can be installed and a variety of other things. For example, the pool will depend on the design of the pool and its size. 

the most affordable and appealing backyard design ideas

All thanks to modern technology, pools are now available in a variety of designs. You do not have to go for just the conventional designs and can have one built especially for your backyard. This makes sure that everyone gets a design that they like and if it is not available in the catalog, it can be custom-built too. 

You should do your research and have a good idea about what the financial repercussions of the pool would be. Here are few things that you should do before you go ahead and finalize the design of your pool

Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most important aspects of getting a pool. Pool installation is a long process with multiple steps. You should ask yourself a lot of questions like where would you place the pool, what would be around it etc. Another thing to take note of is whether your backyard is leveled or sloping.

This is necessary to find out because a slanting or sloping landscape is harder to deal with. The pool company will have to dig a hole while taking the slope into account. If your backyard has a lot of rocks underneath, this can be a problem too. 

In such scenarios, it is best that you have an above-ground pool installed. They take up less space than a traditional pool and can be easily installed on any surface. They give you all the benefits of a normal pool while saving you construction costs. Easy to install and maintain, these pools have been hit amongst families that have a problematic backyard. 

We have a great collection of fibreglass pools that will certainly be the perfect match for such situations. Fibreglass, being chemically inert, uses fewer chemicals to maintain and can be molded in the factory itself. A mold is sent to you, which has a drag and drop installation. 

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Best designs for small yards

A small area would have been a problem 20-30 years ago, but the modernization of pool technology has made it possible for everyone to have a pool. You do not need to worry if your pool size is small. A plunge pool is a great option as it is great for relaxing and taking a quick dip in.  

Above-ground pool options are also great for small spaces. They are easy to install and easy to maintain too. They need no digging and can be set into place in a day or two at max. Small pools can be versatile and a good option for anyone with space constraints. 

Plunge pools are luxurious in nature and can be made to look like a spa. This means you can have a bit of oasis in your very own backyard. Gone are the days when you needed big space for a full-length pool. Add comfortable seating and a BBQ around your pool and make the pool-owning experience a fun one.

Small pools are easy to fit with additional tech too. A spa pool will have jets and a warmer so that you can enjoy a nice relaxing spa in the comfort of your home. 

Contemporary designs

Modern and chic is in and why shouldn’t your backyard be like that too. No longer do pools need to be an eyesore and can be easily transformed into art statements. Seamless pool designs make your pool bigger than it is. Transparent walls really make the pool more appealing and can be fit into any size courtyard. 

A lap pool is “THE” pool for exercise fanatics that don’t mind getting a few laps in a day but are short on space. These pools are long and narrow and do not need a lot of space to fit in. Add some good seating around the pool and you can have a chic aesthetic vibe going.

Family pool

When someone thinks of a pool, most of them think of a family pool. It is a large-sized pool that covers most of the backyard and is the center of attention in your yard. Featured in many movies and commercials, a family pool is a great option for people who would like both shallow and deep ends in one pool.

The good thing these days that the size of the pool can be shrunk to suit your backyard. Coming in a variety of sizes and materials, you can get a smaller-sized version of a pool, all thanks to modern tech. 

You can have a pool warmer or light added to it to make it more suitable for all weathers. A step ledge can be added so that kids can easily go into the pool or dip their feet in on lazy days. 

Nature-inspired pools

You can have the landscape scenery around your pool in such a way that the pool feels like a part of it. This nature-inspired idea adds a ton of plants to the neighbouring area and engulfs the pool with nature. 

This option works best for people who already have a lot of vegetation in their backyard and would like to preserve the aesthetic and vibe of the place. You can even add a waterfall to the pool and give the place a more unique and relaxing demeanor. 

A rocky waterfall looks nice after you come back from a long day and work and is pleasing to look at too. The water runs through the cracks of the rock and provides a beautiful view in your own backyard.  

A few more factors to consider

Position of the Pool

The pool can be the centerpiece of your backyard and really tie in all the aesthetic elements together. If this is not your plan, the pool can be a side accessory in your backyard. Most of the time, the position will be defined by the size and design of the pool. 

You can also place the pool to be near the house so that there is a seamless transition when you go outside. The pool would not stick out as much and will offer a great view nonetheless. Always talk to the pool company and installer about which position would be better. 

Things like filter systems and pool covers also need to be taken into consideration while installing the pool. The positioning of the pool will determine where all the other necessary parts of the pool will be located. If you have a smart pump for your pool that comes with a control board, you will have to see which position would be the most suitable for the board. 

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How are you going to use the pool?

Are you looking for a pool that you can exercise in or just relax in? This will dictate what kind of pool you should get. A lap pool is great for exercising but may not be the best for relaxing in it. This where the spa pools come in.

Define what you want out of the pool and then look for one that satisfies most of your needs and is within your budget. Your pool-owning experience should be fun and satisfying. Make sure to take steps that ensure this in the long run, and you will be a happy pool owner.