Troubleshooting Suction Pool Cleaners 

Mention the words creepy crawly to anyone who owns a pool, and they’ll immediately know you are talking about a suction pool cleaner, not a spider.

A suction pool cleaner is one of the top pool accessories you can buy in Australia. Surely, everyone wants to own a device that sucks up debris on the bottom of the pool floor to avoid doing it manually?


How does a suction pool cleaner work?

A suction pool cleaner works the same way as a household vacuum cleaner and hooks up to your skimmer basket. It picks up debris and dirt sent through the pool’s filtration system and moves around your pool in different directions.

An internal device creates a pulsing effect to move it along. It hops a short distance before suction pulls it down to the surface again. It can climb walls, but it can’t go up steps or into separate swim or spa areas.

It’s not sucking like it should – what’s wrong? 

Like any automated robotic device, sometimes it might not work the way it should. Loss of suction is the most common problem and can cause it to stop altogether. The diaphragm can get easily blocked by a large twig or the remains of an old, broken toy. If you remove any foreign objects, you should alleviate the problem.

If it’s still not sucking, check the hoses for possible leaks because any leaks will impact suction. Do this while the cleaner is in operation, run your hand under the length of the hose, lift it out and listen for tell-tale signs of air. Always ensure you have enough hose and if one gets damaged or cracks, get it replaced.

The hose weight needs to be on the first or second length, so the suction pool cleaner can work effectively around the pool, go under other hoses, and stay underwater.  

My pool suction cleaner won't move

If your pool suction cleaner is still not performing as it should, ensure your skimmer basket is secure and your pump filter and basket aren’t clogged with debris because it can cause flow rates to slow. If it’s still sluggish, a good backwash and rinse should clean the filter system.

If you’ve done all this and it’s still not moving, investigate your settings on the speed control valve in the skimmer. It’s found in the lid area and manages flow. The speed flow can cause it to suck too heavily or not enough. Do you know how robotic pool cleaners work? If not, find out here.

Occasionally, the skirt may need replacing – most items have a shelf life and will wear out.  Remember suction pool cleaners exist to allow you to enjoy your pool, so you don’t become a slave to maintenance!

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