What Water Features Are Best For A Swimming Pool?

Watching a waterfall can be a magical experience, so why not enjoy that same mesmerising feeling with a water feature in your swimming pool?

A water feature incorporated into your pool will appeal to all your senses. Close your eyes and listen to the water as it splashes down or keep them open and see that water glisten against the sun.

It will be a great added attraction to any swimming pool and will be a stunning design centrepiece much admired by visitors. Add LED lighting for night-time entertainment and your water feature is bound to captivate and fascinate.

An added bonus is that it will also help to circulate pool water to prevent the build-up of algae. There are plenty of different water feature designs to choose from, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Water Wall

A water wall is usually a feature wall with a gap that allows water to flow through. The water descends naturally. It can be made from different materials. Maybe you’d like stone for a classic look or copper for a modern option. A simple pool pump can be used to power the water wall.

Many modern water walls are quite simple in design which adds to the drama and sophistication. It’s natural for swimmers to want to touch the water to break that cascading fall.

Rain Curtain

It sounds as good as it is. There’s something quite enchanting about standing underneath a rain curtain where never-ending pencil-like streams of water fall from an elevated height. This curtain of water creates an appearance of fresh, clean rain.

Rain curtains use specially designed troughs to collect the falling water. Water is then pumped to the top and falls through again, so it’s being constantly recycled moving back into your swimming pool.


Add a little life to your pool with bubblers that are also known as jets or gushers. They’re a popular addition to family pools and provide great entertainment for children. Listen to the screams of delight from the kids when they attempt to stop the flow. You’ll usually find the bubblers fixed to the floor of a shallow area, with the water bubbling upwards.

Deck Jets

Kids love playing in jet streams. Go to any water park and you’ll see how they can provide hours of fun. Just like a garden sprinkler, children can dash and splash around these decks jets.

Deck jets add an element of playfulness and will create a great party atmosphere. Installed in the ground, surrounding the pool, you could also illuminate the jets with lights to make them spectacular as dusk falls.

At Factory Pools Perth, we have a large selection of water features to complement your pool. Why not bring the soothing sounds of falling water to enhance your personal outdoor retreat? To find out more, come and visit one of our display centres and take the plunge by investing in a water feature to make your pool that extra bit special.