Can A Fibreglass Pool Be Installed In My Backyard?

Who wouldn’t want a swimming pool in their own backyard to cool themselves off in warmer climes? Imagine never having to drive to your community pool again. Simply step into your backyard and your own swimming pool is waiting for you. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily install a swimming pool in your backyard. We use this article to inform you how.


Plan Ahead for Your Backyard Swimming Pool Installation

If you’ve been playing around with the idea of installing a swimming pool in your backyard, carry out adequate research about the various options available first. Installing a swimming pool is a major investment and you’d benefit from keeping some time aside for yourself to decide just how and where you’d like to place the pool. You will also want to choose in advance the construction material used to build your pool, and who you’d like to entrust to build your backyard swimming pool.

Considerations to Make When Envisioning Your Backyard Pool

In order to own a backyard swimming pool that caters to your demands, you need to arrive at a clear decision about your wants and desires from a backyard pool. Swimming pools come in a variety of options now and your individual requirements will dictate the kind of swimming pool your backyard ends up with. You will have to weigh the following considerations when choosing how you want your backyard pool to shape out –

• Why You Want a Backyard Pool – You might want a backyard pool for its aesthetic appeal, or you might want it for your kids to practice swimming. Perhaps, you’d like a swimming pool in your backyard to lounge around in when Summer comes by. Your motivation behind installing a backyard swimming pool will influence its depth, size, shape and construction type. In addition to these questions, you might also want to ask yourself if you will be using the pool enough to justify its installation.

• Whether Your Backyard Ground Conditions Permit it – It is easier and less expensive to install a swimming pool into your backyard if the ground is level. If the ground happens to slope steeply, is sandy/rocky/made of unstable soil, construction expenses are likely to go up.

• What Will Be the Design of Your Backyard Pool – The size and location of your backyard will affect the size, shape, and design of your swimming pool. If your house is located in an urban area, you will have to adhere to strict rules ensuring that your backyard pool doesn’t encroach onto the boundaries of surrounding property.

• Where in Your Backyard Will You Install this Pool – Contact a reliable pool builder and refer to them about locations in your backyard where it is permissible for you to place your pool. The location of your backyard swimming pool will need to be in allowance with council and building regulations. Conditions with regard to pool fencing requirement, site coverage allowance and proximity to stormwater drains will need to be met. Ideally, locate your pool so that it is visible from the house, easily accessible, near a storage area to keep your pool cleaning supplies. Your backyard pool should also be situated in such a way that it receives adequate sunlight.

• Will Your Pool Be Fitted In-Ground or Placed Above it – In-ground pools require significant construction work and can be slightly more expensive than pools that are installed above-ground. At the same time, they also feel more permanent. Above-ground pools convenience individuals who’d like a backyard pool, but their backyard ground conditions don’t permit the installation of an in-ground pool. If you’re on a budget, a pre-fabricated fiberglass pool will help you realize your dream of owning a backyard swimming pool, for cheap. Additionally, DIY fiberglass pools are extremely portable. So if you want a background pool in your rental home’s backyard, choose an above-ground variety over an in-ground pool. You can simply disassemble it and take it with you when you move.


• How Much You are Willing to Spend on Maintenance – Concrete pools are higher maintenance than fiberglass pools. Besides the initial installation expenses that you will incur with a concrete pool, you will also need to spend additionally on filtering and keeping the pool water clean. Concrete pools require acid-washing every handful of years and their vinyl lining needs frequent repairs. Fiberglass pools make available structural warranty of 25-35 years and prove far less maintenance-intensive than in-ground concrete pools.

• How Soon You Want Your Backyard Swimming Pool Installed – Concrete pools traditionally take around 3 months to be installed. If you want your backyard pool to be installed sooner, opt for a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools can be installed in a matter of days! Concrete pool construction is hampered by unfavorable weather conditions, which is rarely a concern that crops up with fiberglass pool installation.

• Whether You Want to Customize the Size and Shape of Your Pool – Fiberglass pools come pre-designed. You can choose from available pre-moulded shapes and positioning. However, if you would like to design your backyard pool from scratch, concrete pools offer you that flexibility. If you want to include facilities like spray jets, spa or infinity edge into your backyard pool, spend on a pre-fitted fiberglass pool that extends these amenities. Constructing them into a concrete pool would cost you exorbitantly.

• Who You Want to Commission to Build Your Backyard Pool – Ask your friends and acquaintances to refer you to a reliable pool builder and you should be able to get useful leads. When you contact a pool builder, make sure that they are aware of all fencing regulations and other compliances that need to be followed during pool construction projects.

• How You Will Deck Your Pool – If you are planning for a backyard pool installation, don’t miss out on installing a deck around your pool. People spend more time lounging out of the pool, and around it, than they do inside it. Figure out whether you want to use timber, composite material, stone or paving to deck your backyard pool.

The Answer is a Resounding Yes! A Swimming Pool Can Be Installed in Your Backyard

It doesn’t matter whether your backyard is small in size or large and spacious, if you want to install a pool into it – you can very well do so. While concrete in-ground pools may require a significant amount of space, you can conveniently have a pre-fabricated fiberglass pool placed into your small yard. Choosing to install a fiberglass pool is a cost-effective decision. It allows you to enjoy mobility – you can disassemble your fiberglass pool anytime and take it with you wherever you want. It also costs you less in construction and maintenance. Fiberglass pools usually come pre-constructed and incur less chemical imbalances and calcium build-up than concrete pools. You can enjoy a remarkable swim experience in your fiberglass pool at a far more affordable price. If it is aesthetics that you are after, you can even pick from a range of colors and finishes to avail your backyard fiberglass pool in. What more could one want?

A backyard pool could be just the thing your backyard needs to draw more crowds and make your house the talk of the neighborhood! If you want one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get it. As wise men say, you only live once.