Here Are the Top Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2021!

No one wants to be spending their free time manually cleaning the pool, right? This is where robotic cleaners step in and take care of it all for you. Robotic cleaners are the ultimate cleaning device for swimming pools and if you are considering an upgrade or need an automatic cleaner for your new pool, here are some of the latest models that are worth a serious look.

Why Choose A Robotic Cleaner Over Other Types Of Pool Cleaners?

A robotic cleaner can give you the cleanest pool for a fraction of the cost. Other types of pool cleaners such as side suction cleaners and pressure cleaners work by connecting to the pool skimmer and the suction from the pump enables them to move along the surface of the pool. Robotic cleaners differ as they run using electricity. You may be thinking if they use electricity, they must be expensive? This couldn’t be further from the truth; they consume around the same amount of energy as a standard light globe. They can pick up all kinds of contaminants in the pool, from fine particles of dirt to large leaves and debris. Robotic cleaners scrub and climb every inch of the pool to give you a superior clean and the highest water quality. They can save you money on water and chemicals. Some models are compatible with smart technology which can simplify your pool cleaning even more so.

Different Types Of Robotic Cleaners

Deciding on a robotic cleaner can be tricky and with so many choices at various price points, it can be hard to determine which one is going to be best for your budget and cleaning needs. Here is a rundown of our favourite models for 2021:

Some types of robotic cleaners work better for different types of pools. Here are some great options for both above and inground swimming pools, starting from the lowest price to highest:

…A robotic cleaner can give you the cleanest pool for a fraction of the cost. It will also save you valuable time by being automatic… 

Dolphin E10

Price – $999.00

There are a variety of Dolphin pool cleaners available, and they all have different functions. The E10 version is compact, light and can clean an average-sized above ground pool in around an hour and a half. This model is great for those on a limited budget and who have a small to a medium-sized swimming pool. The Dolphin E10 is energy-efficient and effective at keeping your pool clean and sanitary. The only downside is they don’t clean the walls.

Zodiac TX30 Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaner

Price – $1,150.00

This system cleans the floors and walls of your pool with ease. It can be paired with smart technology, and its brush quickly loosens dirt and debris before removing it. It is light in weight and easy to use. It can clean the whole pool in around 2.5 hours. The Zodiac TX30 Tornax is one of the most popular robotic cleaners due to its cleaning performance and price.

Zodiac TX35 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Price – $1,100.00

The Zodiac TX35 Robotic Pool Cleaner is agile and provides an extreme clean for most pool types. It is easy to handle and is lightweight. Like the TX30 model, it cleans an average pool in around 2.5 hours. It can pick leaves, gum nuts, and other debris along its travels without getting jammed or obstructed. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Dolphin X30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Price – $1,649.00

The Dolphin X30 Robotic Pool Cleaner has a multi-layer filter system to prevent clogging and its operation is effortless. All you have to do is turn it on and let it do its thing. It cleans both the walls and floors efficiently. It has advanced navigation, so no area goes uncleaned.

Robotic cleaners are a great way to save yourself cleaning on the weekends

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Pentair Prowler 920 Pool Cleaner

Price – $1,990.00

This robotic cleaner provides your swimming pool with a thorough and deep clean. Its equipped with a high-speed powerful brush that gets into every nook and cranny. They can reduce your pool care to virtually nothing, and with its integrated cleaning schedule and timer, you don’t need to worry about manually set it up. It can manoeuvre up to the water line and into tight corners to cover every inch of your pool.

What To Look For In a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Wall cleaning capabilities

To ensure your pool is cleaned thoroughly, the robotic cleaner you purchase should be able to clean the walls as well as the floor. This ensures no dirt or contaminants are left behind.

Energy Saving

Look for a robotic cleaner that has a 12- or 24-volt motor as they use 90% less energy than other types. This can save you a significant amount of money over the years.

Fast Cleaning Time

The less time your robotic pool cleaner is running, the less electricity it will use. Look for a system that can clean the entire pool in under 3 hours.

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The cleaner you choose must have a warranty included. At a minimum, your robotic cleaner should have a 2-year warranty. This will cover you if there are any issues down the track.

Simple To Use And Low Upkeep

It’s one thing to have a robotic cleaner, but if it’s intricate and difficult to use, it can become an inconvenience, fast! Make sure the device is straightforward to use and easy to maintain.

Maintaining Your Robotic Cleaner

Robotic cleaners are expensive, so once you have chosen a system, it’s important that you take care of it. While they are virtually self-sufficient, they do need a little care to keep them in tip-top shape. Here are some simple ways you can protect your cleaner:

  1. Check your brushes after each cycle to ensure there is no debris preventing them from rotating sufficiently. Over time the brushes or tyres may wear and will need replacing. Check the condition of these regularly to ensure they aren’t overly worn.
  2. Don’t leave your robotic cleaner out in direct sunlight when it is not in use. UV rays can damage your cleaner, and it may crack, so to prevent this from happening, keep it stored in the shade, preferably in a storage shed/garage etc.
  3. Once your cleaner has completed its cycle remove it from the pool. This makes it safer for people to swim in the pool as they won’t get caught up in the cleaner and accidentally damage it. Plus, you’ll protect the motor of the robotic cleaner by taking it out after it’s done its job. The chemical-laden water can have an adverse effect if it’s left in the water 24/7.

We hope this article has given you an idea about some of the best robotic cleaners out there for your swimming pool and what to look for when in the market. We’ve mentioned only a few options that we prefer, but it ultimately comes down to your personal preference. It may seem overwhelming, but taking the time to research the different robotic cleaners available will see you find one that is suited to your pool type and your budget perfectly. If you would like any more information or have any questions on robotic pool cleaners, get in touch with our friendly team here at Factory Pools Perth, we are happy to help if we can.