Which is right for me? A swim spa or a pool and spa combination?

Home owners have their work cut out for them, even if it is a seemingly easy task of choosing between a pool or a spa for their house. Whether it’s your first home project or not, picking a specific option is a big commitment, and no one likes to regret what they chose. When thinking of redoing their yards, many people consider owning a pool and all the pros and cons related to it.

As they delve further into the nitty-gritty of domestic pools, they’re bound to stumble across swim-spas. It is very common for people to be torn between installing a swim-spa or a pool and spa combination in their houses. Every house has different personal requirements and the choice they make should be entirely based on their tastes. It is a deeply individual choice and anyone stuck at this crossroad should first identify their own needs. Once you know what your home needs, you can look at all the different options and pick the piece that fits perfectly into the puzzle. Here’s all you need to know about swim-spas and pool and spa combination. This will help you get a clearer insight into the choices available to you.

Swim Spas

Smaller than a traditional pool, a swim spa offers the relaxation of a spa at home. Though it is mainly a spa meant for soothing dips, you can also swim in a swim-spa- albeit with limited swimming area. If you’re used to visiting the spa, you would love owning a spa at home. Swim spas mean that you can enjoy all the amenities of a spa under your own roof and without having to travel for the experience. Swim spas have gained much favor among people looking for more flexible and relaxing pool choices. Armed with hydrotherapy and swim jets, swim spas are made for rejuvenation and that is what they do.


Swim spas are a popular choice among owners looking for water therapy and a place to relieve stress. Let’s look at all the pros of owning a swim spa.

Ideal for Small Spaces

Swim spas are optimal for homes with the limited free area. Since swim spas are much smaller than a regular pool, they can fit even in the narrowest of backyards. If lack of area is what’s keeping you from owning a pool, we highly recommend getting a swim spa instead.

Lesser Cost of Installation

Swim spas are much cheaper than a pool and spa combination. If you want a hydro-therapeutic experience at home but without over-the-top expenses, a swim spa is the one for you.

Easier Maintenance

Small in size, swim spas are very easy to maintain. Maintenance costs can add up to a substantial amount over time. Considering a spa pool would be wise if you don’t want heavy maintenance expenses.

Designed for Relaxation

Spas are meant more for stress-free recreation than for fitness. If you enjoy spending time in a warm and relaxing spa, a swim spa would be more than enough for your home. It includes special jets meant for relaxing stiff muscles and joints.


Swim spas are great, however, they also come with a few cons.

Limited Space

Spas are small, and they do not fit many people at a single time. The whole family cannot use the spa at the same time, much less have anyone swim in it with other people occupying the area.

Not meant for Fitness

Swimming in a spa pool is quite restrictive. If you’re looking to swim laps, swim spas will not work. Even though it is possible for a single person to swim in the spa pool, it just isn’t the same as swimming in a real pool.

Pool and Spa Combination

A bigger and more expensive alternative to small swim spas in the pool and spa combination. It is an ideal choice for people who want the relaxation of a spa with the swim area of a real pool. A pool and spa combination comes with a large pool with a separate spa area. This means that you get the best of both worlds in a single large unit.

This layout allows an individual to relax in the spa after a vigorous lap session. Or they can enjoy both the features separately. The pool is a regular pool with enough volume to fit a large group of people. A combination spa is usually located in a demarcated corner of the layout and is equipped with hydrotherapy jets that deliver the complete spa experience.


More swimming space

Pool and spa combinations come with a spa, and they also have an entire pool. Owners get the full-fledged experience of a spa without having to compromise on their swimming space. You can swim laps and do pretty much anything when you have ample pool space.

Flexibility and Customization Options

All swim spas are more or less the same. A pool and spa combination, on the other hand is very flexible. Owners can choose a preferred layout for their pool and spa. You are free to choose from the multiple design options available to you. The position of your spa is variable, and you can fix it wherever you like.

More capacity

A combo is ideal for pool parties and family gatherings. A pool already has a large volume so it will host many people at a time while others can simultaneously use the spa.


Expensive Installation Costs

Many people choose spa pools over pool and spa combos due to the huge difference in prices. The combination costs much more than a regular swim spa.

High Maintenance

Pool and spa combinations come with a heavy price tag. In addition to their installation, the maintenance costs are also higher. They require more care and maintenance than the spa pools. Owners have to maintain a spa and a pool, both of which require separate maintenance equipment.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking a Pick

  • Why do I need a spa or a pool in my house?
  • How much area do I have?
  • What do I intend to do in the swim spa or pool and spa combination?
  • Which option would fit in with the aesthetic of my house?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need it for relaxation, fitness, or both?
  • Which option can I afford to maintain?

Once you answer these questions, you should have at least some idea of what option would be better for you. The key takeaway is that both the options, the swim spa and pool, and spa combination, offer value for their costs. Your choice should depend on which of the two options fits more into the above-mentioned criteria list.

No matter the choice you make, you can rest assured that you would have a great time. Making such an addition to your home is an important step, and it is only fair to consider all the options available to you. Before arriving at a decision, it is important to identify all the pros and cons of different layouts. We hope we gave you at least some insight on what to expect from the two types. When you have a clear vision of what you need, choosing something best suited to your needs will be as easy as ever.