Will Trees Impact Your Swimming Pool?

Trees provide a great deal of shade to swimming pools in the heat of the summer, but they can have a detrimental effect on your water.

Many people argue that trees and pools are a messy mix. Trees with lots of leaves and excessive berries could create ongoing maintenance. You have heard the phrase ‘from small acorns grow big oaks’, but what if the oak – or tree – grows so large that it completely blocks out the sun and your view of the pool?


Flowering Trees - Nice But Messy

Flowering trees and fruit trees can add a burst of colour and will look beautiful around your pool enhancing the landscape. While they look pretty, shrubs like Azaleas and cherry blossoms will constantly shed flowers and leaves into your pool. Non-fruit-bearing trees such as olive trees and evergreen Holly or Magnolia are a better choice.

One of our tips is to put your plants into large containers so they can be moved around. If you place them in wheeled pots, this will be more convenient. You can then place them in the shade during the high summer months – this will add a nice touch to your backyard design!

Roots – The Root Of All Evil!

The roots of long-established trees won’t impact the structure of a fibreglass pool but may damage your patio. Roots will spread out around the pool in a confined area. It’s advisable to plant trees at least six feet away from the edge of the patio area. Concrete pavers may be better than a slab area as it’s easier to remove a paver to trim down roots.

Small pools, such as this 4m Stradbroke in Ocean Reef Sparkle, are a great alternative if you don’t like regular cleaning. Their small surface areas means less skimming leaves out of the pool for you.


Autumn – Watch Those Leaves Fall

Remember that prevention is always better than a cure, so making good decisions about your trees ahead of any pool project is advisable. Skim your pool regularly and use a pool cover as much as possible. A skimmer net will help you to pick up the leaves while they’re on the surface. Dry leaves float on the water, but over time they will sink to the bottom.

Leaves falling from trees can deteriorate and break into smaller pieces promoting algae to grow.

A leaf rake is a good investment. It can go deeper into the water and has more than twice the surface area of a skimmer net, so it is more effective. A deep pocket means it can hold hundreds of heavy leaves.

A pool vacuum will pull leaves from the bottom of your pool if they have settled deep below and will also buff the sides of the pool walls to give you a cleaner pool all around.

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