Affordable Backyard Pool Design Ideas

The warmer months are fast approaching and the thought of suffering through another summer is making you sweat at the brow. You’ve decided now is the time to install a pool but how do you get a stunning pool without breaking the bank? Here we will share some affordable pool design ideas to help you get started.


Budget-Friendly Yet Appealing Pool Options:

Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are compact in size and have generous bench seating that runs around the large portion of the pool. They are designed primarily for relaxation. As they are smaller than a regular-sized pool, they use fewer chemicals, less water and heat far more effectively. Considerably less excavation is required which can reduce the overall cost.

Swim Spa

Swim spas are bigger than a normal spa and are multipurpose, they can be used for relaxation, water therapy and fitness. They are a great choice for those who are limited in space as they are only around 5 metres long by 2.5 metres wide. Again, the excavation is minimal therefore, it costs less to install.

Lap Pool

Lap pools are perfect for those wanting to work on their fitness goals and an ideal swimming pool option for people who have a narrow yard. An uninterrupted stretch of water is dedicated to swimming laps and the steps are usually recessed. They make a beautiful statement in any backyard. Lap pools, like the other two, are a smaller pool variety and offer the same cost-saving benefits.

Other Considerations That Can Cut Down The Cost Of Installing A Pool:

Above Or Partially Above Ground Pool

If keeping the cost down is something you are conscious of, opting to have your pool installed above or partially above ground can drastically reduce the price as the groundwork is far less extensive. Many have the misconception that an above ground pool is just plonked on the ground with nothing around it, while they can be, there are many ways you can tie it in with the layout of your backyard to create an inviting space that looks great. A top-quality fibreglass shell that is installed above or partially above ground is just as structurally sound as one built in the ground. For those whose block is mostly sloping, an entirely inground pool may not be an option. Installing the pool to sit flush with the house on this type of site can create an illusion of the pool being inground. A skilled pool builder will have extensive experience installing pools on all different terrains and they should have plenty of ideas on how to install the pool to make it aesthetically appealing. 


Affordable Pool Design Ideas


Lights are a cheap and cheerful way to accentuate your pool area, they not only make it look great but enhances safety too. While there are expensive and elaborate pool lighting options available, you can still get a great effect from economical styles such as energy-efficient LED lights that attach to the wall or floating solar lights. If you have room in your budget for flush-mounted LED wall lights, they are a permanent solution that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. They create ambience and bring your pool to life when the sun starts to go down.

Water Feature

A water feature is an effective way to enhance the appearance of your pool. The good news is there are options to suit every budget. Here are some affordable ideas:

Water Wall

Water walls add a modern and stylish look to any pool. You can have the water wall as big or as modest as you like and to keep costs low, choose cost-effective finishes such as concrete or artificial stacked stone.

Deck Jets

Deck jets spray an arch-shaped stream of water into your pool from the edge which creates a beautiful effect. There are many different deck jets choices available with options to suit every budget.

DIY Water Feature

There is a huge variety of water features online relatively cheap that you can set up and install yourself, such as floating fountains that are solar-powered and water features that simply attach to the return jets on your pool to operate.

Pool Scaping

Your landscaping and the area surrounding it makes up a big part of the overall appeal of your pool. Without it, it can look bare and lonely. You don’t have to spend a fortune, you can add to it over time. Consider putting in younger plants as they are generally cheaper, give them plenty of water and sun and they’ll be well-established and flourishing in no time. If you like the look of mature plants and don’t want to wait for them to grow, consider getting them offline from community marketplace sites. They are typically a fraction of the cost of ones bought from a garden or hardware store. Try not to position plants and trees too close to the pool to avoid having to clean more often than normally needed. 

Somewhere To Sit

If you have enough room, place some outdoor lounge seats and a table in your pool area. This is a great way to make the space multi-purpose. When you are not swimming you can sit back and relax by the water. Ensure that the chairs you choose are designed for outside use and are mould, UV, and moisture-resistant to prevent them from getting prematurely damaged by the elements. Your seating must not be within the 300mm climbable zone, ensure it doesn’t intrude in your walking space and there is ample room to move around safely.

Privacy Screen

Installing a screen adds an element of privacy to your pool, not only this, but they are also a simple and inexpensive way to reduce wind from hitting your pool, this decreases evaporation and will save you on your water bill. A privacy screen that is done well can be a stunning feature in the pool area.

Don't Skimp On The Pool

If you are installing a pool and you have budget constraints, it’s a good idea to get the pool design right rather than choosing a pool that doesn’t meet your swimming needs sufficiently but has all the bells and whistles. You can always add additional features down the track. Replacing the pool with a new one a few years later isn’t a feasible or practical option for many. There are many affordable inclusions you can add to a pool to make it aesthetically appealing until you can update with newer higher quality versions.

Affordable Doesn't Have To Mean You Have To Compromise On Quality

There is an array of stunning fibreglass swimming pool options available today that are suited to all budgets. With some clever planning and adding some inexpensive features, you can have the pool of your dreams for less. Our team here at Factory Pools Perth have spent decades providing West Australian families with the highest quality fibreglass pools at affordable prices. If you would like to discuss your options with one of our friendly staff or if you have any questions, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Author: Don Del Borello

Author: Don Del Borello

Position: Sales and Brand Manager for Factory Pools Perth

Experience: 39 Years In The Swimming Pool Industry

Don Del Borrello is the Sales and Brand Manager of Factory Pools Perth.  Don possesses 39 years in the pool industry, commencing his career at 15 years of age.

Don was born into the pool industry with his Father and family owning one of the most successful companies in Western Australia.

His extensive knowledge spans across every facet of the industry including manufacturing with being hands on to making pools to production manager, installation from installing pools, driving a bobcat to installations manager to General manager and owner.

His wealth of experience is an asset to Factory Pools Perth as he maintains a meticulous standard, taking the necessary steps to ensure promising results with him and his staff.