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Which type of pool is the easiest to maintain

Fibreglass Pools Mantenance
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Maintaining Different Types of Inground Swimming Pools Probably the most common question asked by people considering a swimming pool, is ‘Which type of pool is the easiest to maintain?’ People want to maximize their swimming experience, and there’s no joy in spending hours slaving over a pool. A swimming pool is to be enjoyed, so it’s an im..

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Where should I put my swimming pool?

Locating a Swimming Pool
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Where should I locate my swimming pool? It’s a decision you’ll come to regret if you install your swimming pool in the wrong place. Many people don’t anticipate how heavily a pool will be used, so it’s a priority to place it in the right position. Here’s some advice to help you make up your mind over where the pool should be installed. ..

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Four things to consider before buying a swimming pool

Buying a Swimming Pool
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Handy ideas when purchasing a pool When the sun’s out, and you want to cool down, buying a swimming pool seems a great idea, but there are a few essential things you should consider before splashing out. Here are five questions to ask yourself, so you buy the right pool. Why are you buying that pool? A simple question maybe but there’s ..

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Getting Your Pool Ready for Spring

Getting Your Pool ready for Spring
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Getting a swimming pool ready for spring It’s officially spring in Perth, and after a season of short days and evenings indoors, the days are starting to get longer at last. Of course, once spring has sprung, those of us lucky enough to have pools need to get them up and running for that long-awaited first pool party of the season. Taking a..

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